Entrepreneurs to invest in winning the six operating skills

now go on the road of entrepreneurship is more and more, every entrepreneur has its own set of business methods and techniques in the process of entrepreneurship, today the whole network Xiaobian for everyone to talk about entrepreneurs in the investment process of the six major business skills, help entrepreneurs succeed rich.

entrepreneurs either alone around the unemployed, or hardened, trying to revive the old, if they want to survive, must carry on the reform. Everyone has to change, especially entrepreneurs.

during the financial crisis and after the financial crisis, the author has the opportunity to develop and implement new business strategy, and I have personally used these strategies. Over the years, I have not only done consulting for many enterprises, but also personally involved in the management of their own 57 companies. Have you had this experience, I know today what business strategy is useful or useless, and these are my experience accumulated from small businesses to fight hand to hand with the brutal competition.

This is a list of

1. make written plans.

2. timely adjustment plan.

the history of every great military generals know that in case of a hail of bullets, even the most elaborate plan is sometimes a waste. Timely adjustment plan, and actively respond to a variety of circumstances, entrepreneurs can not stand unbeaten in business.

3. avoid ego, wide zhengyan.

4. understanding of operating conditions, quantitative management.

for business in all aspects, the establishment of a written system.

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