Beijing is expected to introduce a bike sharing management system

lives with small yellow car, people travel more meaningful, more Beijing citizens can enjoy cycling fun, not only make people’s life more convenient, but also won the people’s attention. However, behind the beautiful phenomenon, people will also find that the lack of management of shared bicycles, brought a lot of problems.

with a variety of colors of the shared bicycle fresh appearance, citizens can enjoy the competition too busy to attend to all the free riding of welfare. But at the same time, the vehicle was destroyed, the car lock to open slowly, the vehicle was occupied for himself, and other news has been coming.

in the convenience of the public travel at the same time, more and more people share the dazzling need to monitor the bike. In this regard, the Municipal People’s Congress, the Beijing municipal Party committee deputy director Song Weizu said, should set up a bike sharing access and management standards, and encryption infrastructure bicycle parking.

at the same time according to the standards to increase law enforcement efforts. City Department of transportation said, sharing bicycle management approach is expected to introduce this year, is currently studying the plan, or district will delimit the sharing of bicycle parking area, bike sharing management by the operating company is responsible for guiding the healthy and orderly development, sharing of bicycle.

in Beijing, more and more people began to ride a bike sharing, let people feel there is a shared bicycle, people’s life become convenient, hope in the future, the relevant departments to launch on bicycle sharing scheme, to share the bicycle more development planning.

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