Anhui issued employment entrepreneurship four into the four support to promote the approach

China’s economic development in recent years has been in a downward trend, entrepreneurship employment is not difficult. In order to solve the problem of employment and entrepreneurship, Anhui to carry out four into the four special activities to promote the rapid and effective development of employment.

11 6, reporters from Anhui province people club department was informed that the day before, people and social hall, Department of education, Department of Finance jointly issued the "Anhui Province Employment" four into four to help promote the implementation of measures ", to further improve the standardization, institutionalization, normalization of employment and promote the implementation of the mechanism. To improve the effectiveness of employment work. Approach proposed, will begin in mid November, in the province to carry out employment and entrepreneurship four into the four help special activities.

"four into four employment assistance" special activities are divided into mobilization, organization and implementation of 3 stages of experience.   11 months late until the end of the year is the organization of the implementation stage, human society, education, finance three departments jointly organized the employment service into the campus, into the enterprise, into the park, into the community activities, strengthen the guidance of scheduling, strengthen coordination and cooperation, to jointly promote the smooth implementation of special activities.

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