During the national day to buy foreign goods Fujian FTA is a good choice

with the advent of economic globalization, in our daily lives, more and more consumers not only want to buy authentic products, but also want to buy some good products abroad. National Day holiday this year, the FTA has become a new place for people to travel. To direct cross-border mall purchase "foreign goods", to parallel car car trading center…… Free trade zone to upgrade the consumer, so that the holiday economy by a long holiday and a fire. Fujian Free Trade Zone really so prosperous? Below we understand.

holiday, is located in Xiamen free trade area Xiashang International Mall Fengxinzi cross-border direct purchase of goods experience center, will usher in large shopping "shopping spree" of the public every day. Opening more than a year, in the area of nearly 30 thousand square meters of the mall, there are 40 businessmen in the field of overseas goods have more than 50 thousand kinds, including from all over the world food, health care products, cosmetics, baby products, wine etc..

Import & Export Co., Ltd. in Xiamen Aiga stores in the checkout queue. Manager Liu Chunhui said, the store merchandise from more than two thousand species, from Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and Europe and other countries and regions, during the holiday selling is the most busy leisure food, variety, affordable, very popular with consumers.

a few days before the national day, the daily sales are usually two or three times." Liu Chunhui said, in accordance with the law of the long holiday, after the second half of the business will be better.

in the fresh area, Xiamen citizens Ms. Lin Rong is picking the chilled food while watching the price tag, he told reporters: "Vietnam Bassa fillets 35 yuan a bag, the COD 49 yuan a pack, the family love to eat. Some businesses do holiday promotions, the price is also cheaper than online shopping."

three days before the national day, the entire center sales more than doubled." Hyacinth cross-border direct purchase of goods experience center responsible person Zhang Yi introduction, due to the cost of the flow of compression, into the center of the direct purchase of overseas commodity prices more reasonable, some of the goods price is lower than the market two to 30%. All goods purchased by the formal channels overseas, after the customs and inspection and quarantine departments for the record, after the inspection to be on sale, so the quality is guaranteed.

Free Trade Zone in the Fuzhou area, parallel import car trading center is located in Jiangyin bonded port, look at the car, the car in a continuous line of guests. Here the main display, sales of high-end imported cars as well as the domestic market is relatively rare sports car, rv.

according to reports, the parallel import car purchase directly from overseas, with the FTA bonded exhibition and trade policy, crossed the import brand agent, local agent, 4S stores sales, let the car parallel import in the bonded state to deal directly recommended in the exhibition hall

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