Eight hours how to make money outside the sideline

after work or on the weekend, Zou Zhijun will be around the area around to see if there is no transfer of rental shops, restaurants, to see which location to do business better, more people. And his wife have a stable job he now wants to engage in a sideline, open a chain restaurant, or wash the car, so that relatives in the store to do, he took care of the line after work.

have a copy of his sideline, has become the choice of many office workers. Zou Zhijun said: "take the dead wages to live has become obsolete, and now the people around me are wondering how to engage in sideline money, a lot of people are investing in stocks, funds, or their own business to do a little business, some young people don’t have much money, can have one thousand two thousand to buy stocks, short-term play make money fast."

how many workers have their own side, what the most popular sideline sideline, they can bring much income, sideline will affect the job? This reporter launched an investigation.

The biggest dream  

work; "have both fish and bear’s paw"

How to make more money in a fixed salary beyond


among respondents, 40% of people chose "no sideline". Respondents said: every day work arrangements are full, which have the time and energy to engage in a sideline ah, and do their own work, make a quick promotion is the best way to make money."

What is

"you do sideline reason?" for this problem, 60% of people because of their own work to earn less. Office workers said: now everything is expensive, the house, the car that do not have

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