The shop to do business everywhere is of knowledge

human life is in continuous learning, the learning is not only to learn the textbook knowledge, the academic achievements, in fact, in our lives and work, everything can become the source of learning. My name is Li Xuejun, a cigarette retail customer in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province. In April 2004, I opened a shop in the downtown area of the city – Heng surplus tobacco Department store".

at the beginning, due to the lack of experience in the shop, once a loss, after a period of exploration and learning, I gradually embarked on the right track, business is booming day by day. Now, my store only operates a cigarette, the monthly profit of more than 2000 yuan. This review of more than 4 years of experience to the shop, I am keenly aware of, shop everywhere are learning.

goods are not all the way line

my shop in Xuzhou Jianguo Road, close to the Xuanwu market, there are several nearby hotel, a large flow of people. To do business, the geographical position is unique. The shop at the beginning, I accept the smug, the friends of the "goods" business advice.

began to purchase, in addition to tobacco, wine, I also into a lot of daily necessities and children’s food. At that time, I thought: we do not say that the child’s money to earn it, into more children’s food, certainly not wrong! But then I found that it wasn’t the case. Here the flow of people is great, but most of them are to purchase business, coupled with the surrounding residential areas, and no school, so the children’s food supplies and almost no sales results, several cases of AD with the shelf life has been sold, and finally had to throw away.

after a period of observation, I made clear their business positioning, that is, the goods are not in the whole, the line is ok. According to the main consumer demand, I decided to only smoke, wine and beverages. Cigarettes and drinks are mainly sold to customers in the market, and beer and liquor are mainly sold to the nearby dining guests.

into the goods, I opened the business hours on the speculation. Now my shop is open at 8 in the morning, close at 12 in the evening. Open at 8 compared to other stores is late, but I’m here to the wholesale market 8:30 to open the door, I shop early is not much business, and in the evening, near several hotels, KTV open until late at night, late closing will bring me a lot of business.

identified the business approach, opened the shop will be handy.

details of the actual results

in recent years, the more popular sentence is the details determine success or failure." I think that’s good. I pay special attention to details in the operation. >

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