Business Psychology three taboo

want to start a business success, entrepreneurial psychology is very important, and the psychological, and the attitude of your entrepreneurial path has a huge role. On the road to avoid what psychological? What bad mentality should be avoided? Small series for you to take the business of psychology three taboo.

"say competition, in this society, no one for which there is no competition in the industry. But because there is competition, the development of enterprises will be more rapid, social development will be diversified. But if you want to get success in a calm day, perhaps only in the dream. "Chinese man Mao Zedong in to their enemies, that their competitors have such words:" strategically we should despise the enemy, the enemy should pay attention on the tactics; the ancients also have such lofty sentiments in the war: we would like to thank the powerful enemy, because due to the powerful enemy, we will become more powerful! , that is to say, the entrepreneur must accept the baptism of the social tide, only the competition will know the gap between themselves and their opponents, their lack of the market. So that the strong competitor is not terrible, terrible is you dare to challenge him!

I had with a well-known Web site had a problem about entrepreneurial psychological investigation, from the feedback of results, there are more than 80% of the respondents said that if there is no good project, they would prefer to work, not to blindly investing. However, the general manager of Beijing state word of Mouth Marketing Co., Ltd., general manager Yang said in a chat with the author said: earned and not just a relative concept. He cited an example. Beijing real estate is almost recognized as the highest profit industry, but with the 08 Olympic Games in this area, it is a good opportunity!! But the operating room

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