Mrs Lee Xunjiang Q details to join

is a native of Harbin smoked sauce as everyone knows a delicacy brand, there is a very popular brand called Mrs. Li smoked smoked butter sauce, for the brand to join the little details many investors know, so small as we make the following introduction, I hope for your investment to join some help.

1, if you can not come to Harbin to taste the taste of Lao Li’s Smoked sauce?

old Mrs. Li sauce solution: you can go to the nearest store to enjoy our delicious (website also has the address) we also warmly welcome you to visit the headquarters to taste.

2, Lao Li wife smoked sauce chain project operating margin and net interest rate?

Lao Li’s wife sauce solution: we have learned through many years of business, the Harbin market, Lao Li wife smoked sauce, the average gross margin of 46-48%, the average net profit of 27%. Harbin foreign market, Lao Li wife smoked sauce, the average gross margin of 52-55%, the average net profit of 28%.

3, our local consumers can accept the old lady smoked sauce company’s chain products do?

Answer: Mrs. Li

smoked butter sauce smoked delicacy has swept the country, Roasted Chicken, smoked ribs, bone sticks, trotter, pork, meat, chicken wing tips, PigHead hand, broth, big belly, the brain is able to stand the test of time quality, the unique taste and nutrition on health so you can enjoy our special sauce smoked Mrs. Lee catering culture, so that every consumer can find their own love products.

4, how do you look at your competitors?

Mrs. Li

answer: we smoked sauce depending on the market, the cost of joining with a high proportion of income on the market advertising, so to quickly set up Lao Li in the local restaurant Mrs. Xunjiang brand advantage, this advertisement is not only in the local stores we do, but also in other areas simultaneously, so that each consumer can accept our ads in different areas, and because our advertising chain advantage, multi regional, multi channel, multi level, long time display, this is the national food industry is not a single enterprise can do that, so we are not afraid of competition, and we welcome competition.

Lao Li wife smoked sauce join ask

5, how to find the right store


Answer: Mrs.

Li Xunjiang analysis according to our join business, we recommend the general shop area of 50-100 square meters is the best in the university high school, walking street, business district, District Road, cross road > more prosperous

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