Family kitchen entrepreneurial projects in Shijiazhuang popular

in Shijiazhuang, is now a popular thing called family kitchen, which is based on the new model of mobile Internet technology and the birth of the health, it makes it possible to open a restaurant can not become a reality. Now, let’s take a look at the details.

phenomenon: no store


called a pizza, opened the door is a blond French guy to room. It is said that pizza or French Evian Mineral Water and surface. Such a new consumer experience so that a lot of consumers quickly in the circle of micro-blog and friends drying out the photos and feelings of pizza, in a large number of forward and spread, the pizza takeaway brand a gun and red.

recently, such specialized family kitchen type venture takeaway in Shijiazhuang fire up. Public Li Ran told reporters to show the number of WeChat takeaway more than and 10 public concern. From the staple food to desserts, category everything. She told reporters that he was the first link from the circle of friends to see these stores. After a taste of the test found that the taste is good, then become loyal fans.

throughout these do takeaway food O2O, it is not difficult to find common patterns of their family kitchen WeChat micro-blog. That is, do not set up a physical store, in the home kitchen or processing room after cooking food, WeChat, micro-blog, etc.. In the traditional restaurant industry, a lot of good reputation of the hotel will be opened by micro-blog or WeChat public numbers to complete the line to the online market expansion. These entrepreneurial projects are contrary to their own, completely through the Internet marketing guide consumers. One of the most successful leader and even out of the store, thus completing the online to offline market counter attack.

2014 November, Dai Ming and his friends noted that in many cities there have been no physical store, micro-blog alone to promote the spicy crayfish takeaway. They are determined to experiment with the project into Shijiazhuang.

"recruit the chowhound!" Forwarding and @ friends have a chance to win iphone6 phone"…… Since the end of 2014, the influential city and micro-blog account joint planning activities, continue to interact with friends on a micro-blog promotion, the generation of crayfish takeaway short-term rapid accumulation of customers. One of the extraction of a mobile phone micro-blog has been forwarded, the number of times to reach hundreds of thousands of times.

"the Internet can make good products have spread rapidly." Acting head

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