Entrepreneurial Adventures 1 money really can do it

start empty-handed model has always been the focus of public attention, now promote small business projects, a lot of low cost, low threshold of entrepreneurial projects have emerged, the lowest low start-up costs to a piece of money, this is true?

According to the

According to the

after a series of reform implementation, the enterprise will have two senses. Is a registered company greatly reduced the threshold, in the past to do the company according to the different types of companies, there will be 30 thousand, 100 thousand, 5 million yuan minimum registered capital restrictions, and in the future except otherwise provided by laws and regulations, these restrictions have been canceled, the theory of a money company can do. In addition, in accordance with the principle of convenient registration and standardize the order to relax the registration of market players registered business conditions.



the registration system of paid up registered capital subscribed to the registration system, the shareholders of the capital contribution of time contribution and other self regulation, and recorded in the articles of association of the company, shareholders have no time delivery according to the provisions of the investment, according to the law and the articles of Association of the company shall bear civil liability, if not in accordance with the agreed delivery of investment, pay sufficient investment of shareholders and the company itself can pursue the responsibility of the shareholders.

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