Chizhou youth service groups to start a series of strokes

is so large in the employment pressure on society today, people have turned to entrepreneurship, some government at the same time around also actively promote a series of entrepreneurial activities in Chizhou issued a business chain strokes helping business.

in the internal platform, Chizhou city not only vigorously promote the construction of youth entrepreneurship Park and private incubation base, into the park (base) enterprises to provide free space, and reduction of utilities, property management fees; also provide maximum business loans and labor-intensive small business loans. Starting in July 1st this year, the maximum amount of loans secured by businesses for different groups of 50 thousand yuan, $80 thousand, 100 thousand yuan, a unified adjustment of $100 thousand. For the identification of labor-intensive small businesses, 2 years can be obtained loans, loans of less than $2 million, you can apply for a financial discount of 50%; less than $4 million to $2 million, you can apply for a financial discount of $25%. According to statistics, from 1 to July, the city issued a total of secured loans of up to $70 million; issued by small and medium enterprises with a loan of $12 million. In addition, recommend

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