Female college students jelly shop ideas from shopping

female college students usually have enough time to go shopping, in fact, can be seen in the street a lot of female college students stall, selling snacks, selling flowers, selling milk tea, etc.. The idea was from life, the following network Xiaobian to bring you a female college student in the store shopping is the initiation of the business idea see jelly.
shopping inadvertently found jelly shop business opportunities

from Zichuan, Wang Qiuyun, 23 years old, just graduated from college in Zhangdian, a mobile phone company to start a market supervision. 2005 in October, she was on a business trip to Ji’nan, when shopping, she found a ready to open the Q jelly house. In the west of Zhangdian district two, there is a jelly house shop. The store operates a variety of cakes made with jelly, refreshing. In this more than and 20 square meters of shops, Jelly filled cabinets, ranging from $1 to $58, attracted a large number of young men and women come to buy, and Wang Qiuyun is the shop owner. Identify opportunities to make a prompt decision.
store opened successfully after


"opened the day to sell 666 yuan" in December 16, 2005, Wang Qiuyun’s Q jelly house opened. Opened on the day of selling 666 yuan, was very happy." Wang Qiuyun is excited. This small shop in Zhangdian district west two road, Wang Qiuyun rented a small house less than 25 square meters, the monthly rent of 700 yuan. Wang Qiuyun said, do the stores to choose the shop is very important, not only to consider their own economic capacity, but also consider the size of popularity. Try to expand the market of Wang Qiuyun’s jelly house opened opposite in a high school, just opened the main consumer groups are students. Later, after a friend’s contact, she began to send to a number of Internet cafes, Internet users, selling quickly. Take two months to jelly cafe, Wang Qiuyun is the next step in considering the matter, "now, I am considering to karaoke rooms and other places to do sell some jelly, shape beautiful, affordable jelly to the young group." When it comes to the future, Wang Qiuyun answers: "if possible, I want to choose a suitable location, my house development bigger jelly." See the face of the franchise.
by the case that the thinking of business competition, many stores fraud, many people are wary of certain stores. Wang Qiuyun’s Q jelly house is a step by step how to do it? As Wang Qiuyun said, a lot of people do join the shop have been fooled

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