What types of consumers can be divided into

every consumer into the door, as a service staff, we also need to know what kind of consumer belongs to, so as to provide better service. They may pass, you did not pay attention to their daily; perhaps slightly stay, you never know. "Do you know your customers?" Now teach you how to identify a few strokes customers.

according to the characteristics of the consumer environment and consumer groups, the author believes that consumers can be broadly divided into three types. Master their characteristics, in communication can accurately distinguish what they belong to.

fixed consumer

such consumers are generally used to buy fixed cigarette brands. Like such consumers, it is best to learn about their place of origin, preferences and cigarette consumption in the usual communication. At this point, if there is a new brand listing, according to the corresponding consumer grade and the origin of cigarettes, to introduce them to their cigarettes. Whether or not to buy is not important, the key is to give consumers a sense of attention.

mobile consumer

such consumers generally buy cigarette brands are more complex, and generally only buy the box at the time of purchase. To this end, they can recommend a moderate price, recently introduced, the appearance of new cigarettes, so the success rate will be higher. Therefore, the flow of consumers can not be ignored, your greeting, a smile can make them become your potential fixed consumer.

fine consumer

consumers generally pay more attention to the quality and price of cigarettes. When they buy the whole cigarette, they can give a small gift, such as lighter, gift bag, etc.. Because this type of consumer value the feeling of love, in order to attract tourists, suitable for more gifts is also acceptable.

of course, these are the main types of consumer summarized by the small sum, and the entire consumer market is very broad, the type is also very much. Perhaps you have encountered more than these types of consumers, it does not matter, as long as you sincerely for their sake, concentrate on their recommendation, sincere service for them, they may become your most loyal consumers.

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