Small shop to select the project

an area surrounding often there will be a lot of shops, the main customer is small, therefore, if the shop to do business, will be combined with the market, choose the right to operate the project, it will make the real entrepreneurial development. However, for many investors, the biggest problem is the natural choice of the project. So, how to choose the district shop?

District shop project key to the quasi position, to determine the location of entrepreneurship, so that it will not be hindered. In May last year, I moved to the city of Chongqing Hua Yan Temple next to a community. The quality of the district itself is not bad, the owners are white-collar workers, self-employed workers, workers around the factory, as well as part of the work force and students.

is half a small outer building facade, even within one year and frequently changed hands. In fact, the flow of people here is also good, why many shops do not go? I would like to rent a facade to open a shop, I would like to ask what kind of entrepreneurial projects do?

the population of the District, but also more complex, which is the key to the closure of the district facade repeatedly. Community residents mainly in the following categories: white-collar workers, self-employed workers, workers, and students, plus radiation near the rural population.

on the one hand, these six categories of people not only the consumption level disparity, consumption habits also vary greatly; on the other hand, the number of these six types of consumer groups are very average, for the operator, for any consumer good, are not enough to attract enough customers.

so, the most suitable for the area of the project, is like a hot pot, everyone needs, everyone can consume items. Readers are advised to combine their own situation in the following items to choose, but also to remind the majority of entrepreneurs, no matter where the choice of entrepreneurial projects, we must carey examine the region’s consumer groups.

of course, the district’s address is different, different traffic, people’s interests are different, the shop should be chosen should be different. In short, in the district in the end what kind of shop to open, you need to combine the actual situation analysis. So, if you want to succeed in the district to open a shop, you also need to do a good job of pre research work, so that you can get a bigger success shop.

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