Beijing will improve the accident insurance claims

many families because of all kinds of accidents, lost the only child at home, so that the loss of independence for the elderly suffering, but also to make their lives an accident. Family Planning Association in Beijing, will improve the accident injury insurance payment standard increased from 30 thousand yuan to $50 thousand, so that the loss of independence for the elderly happier life.

"heart warming project" is the City Planning Commission, city after helping the city’s loss of independence for the elderly in the Huimin project, funded by the government for the loss of independence for the elderly to purchase comprehensive insurance, pensions, accidental injury insurance, medical insurance for accidental injury, disease and death insurance and critical illness insurance payments 5 women. The program was launched in 2012, has so far covered more than 1.1 people lost independence.

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City Family Planning Association announced yesterday, the city’s loss of independence of personnel, city accounts staff accounted for 84%. From the loss of independence is the main problem faced by the staff, 23% of the demand for inpatient care, and that the cost of seeing a doctor, the feeling of loneliness, the spirit of the 19%, 18% feel heavy housework. In order to help the loss of independence to reduce the burden of life, this year’s warm heart plan will be accidental injury insurance payment standards, from the original 30 thousand yuan raised to $50 thousand. In addition, reach the statutory retirement age (female 55, male 60 years old) of the insured, insured without waiting for the 3 years, but in the 1 year period after the end of the annual pension of 2900 yuan, greatly shorten the waiting time of pension.

other security content is the same as in previous years. For the 5 comprehensive insurance, the government invested 2789 yuan a year for each insured. Accidental medical insurance, disease death insurance and critical illness insurance payments for women were 3000 yuan, 5000 yuan, 2000 yuan, to maintain the original standard.

According to the statistics in 2016 of the family

, more and more families have been relevant departments of Beijing City Family Planning Association Secretary General condolences, Yan Jin said, as long as it is to enter the city one-child family special assistance list for the loss of independence for the elderly, automatically become a "warm heart" plan for the protection of objects without additional application.

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