Puyang City a school campus stampede

campus security, related to you and me, in the hearts of many people, the need to strengthen the construction of campus security, win recognition. Henan County, Puyang Province, third experimental primary school students on the toilet when the stampede occurred. The accident caused a total of 22 students were injured, 1 of whom died on the way to hospital. This event, not only the hearts of parents involved in the matter, but also caused widespread concern in the community.

yesterday afternoon, the Puyang county government issued an official notice that the stampede was due to a short break time, students focus on the toilet, causing congestion. At present, the accident caused 22 students were injured, 1 of whom were sent to hospital on the way to death, 5 people were seriously injured, injured students have been sent to hospital for treatment.

Puyang People’s Hospital emergency center nurse Du Huiyong told reporters, "live to a total of 5 children with severe patients, 4 boys, 1 girls is 7 years old, is 10 years old, the other 7 patients, the first time is 5, second times 2 is just to live in the past, live in the pediatric surgery, by our experts to diagnosis and treatment of pediatric surgery."

after the accident, the emergency center of Puyang People’s Hospital treated a total of 21 students, the hospital immediately launched the emergency rescue mechanism for treatment, treatment group, set up a logistics group and contact group, and arrange for someone in our department, at present 5 critically ill children have arranged -time doctors and nurses to implement the "two to one" treatment.

Du Huiyong introduced, they invited the experts in Zhengzhou, the emergency room to pay attention to these patients, there are 2 patients because of the requirements of their families, the condition is relatively light, but also more stable, has been observed at home.

campus stampede incident, to bring a lot of parents to fight more, and the health of the injured students by the community’s attention. As early as November 2005, the Ministry of education has been on the issue of students crowded stampede issued a notice requiring all primary and secondary schools on the prevention of students crowded stampede accident to establish a special system, each semester to organize an emergency drill.

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