Ten underwear brand rankings

women’s underwear is to ensure that women’s health is a key step, good underwear can enjoy the health of women, therefore, women attach great importance to underwear brand. Supermodel Natalia Vodianova once said, "good underwear will make women dress more perfect", showing the status of underwear in the hearts of women. Underwear is like a woman’s second lovers, hazy, mysterious, said to be. Women love their own, it is necessary to start from the most intimate place, choose a high-quality underwear is the best way to love their women.

NO.1 007

007 brand positioning in the high-end fashion brand, the field "become noble, can have" through the "win-win" culture to establish a strong franchisee management system, at the same time, have better control in the channel information system and feedback mechanism. From the development of the company over the years, the company in the management of agents in the industry in a leading position.

NO.2 Na Ting

NO.3 ancient and modern

"ancient and modern" has become synonymous with women’s underwear in today. Over the years has been to work fine properly, warm and thoughtful service to attract a female fashion. Beauty is born, beauty can be created. Its success has enriched the aesthetic taste of human beings, but also promoted the standard of human life.

NO.4 Ttiumph

NO.5 Pro

boudoir honey

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