Espai Barça never endEspai Barça never end

first_imgHe April 5, 2014six years ago this Sunday, 72.36% of partners del Fútbol Club Barcelona voted yes to the Espai Barça project designed byr Sandro Rosell and finally activated by Josep Maria Bartomeu. Of the 118,578 members called on April 5, only 37,535 voted. Up to 27,161 voted in favor of a project that had 9,589 votes against and 751 blank votes. The participation was of a little 31.65 percent. But the ‘soci’ had voted yes to Espai Barça.Six years after that vote, and as if from a curse it was, he Espai Barçabeyond the inauguration of the Johan Cruyff Stadium, still does not start. But not only has its roadmap been delayed. Also their financing conditions. So much so that the board has already admitted that the project will have to undergo a second referendum.Initially, the Espai Barça budget amounted to 600 million. Some 420 were budgeted to put a new skin to the Camp Nou (The winning project was that of the Japanese studio Nikken Sekkei, whose excellence is questioned by some experts); 90 million more would be dedicated to the Nou Palau and the rest, to the works of conditioning a new space around the facilities that would touch the streets adjacent to the Camp Nou. The 600 million were to come out of a simple three-part partition. The Barca I would ask 200 million euros from a bank, others 200 million would come out of naming rights and, finally, the last 200 would come from operating profits from restaurant services, shops, ticketing … He time passed, the agreements with the City Council were delayed and the project price grew. Furthermore, and after flirt with some foreign and national multinationals (Grifols) for the hackneyed title right, a study of Goldman Sachs helped, supposedly, to change the strategy of Barça. According to that Goldman Sachs study, the new recreation space, With the Nou Camp Nou as the jewel in the crown, it could produce up to 150 million euros in income of exploitation. It was therefore working use a credit that it would have to be returned year after year with that operating income but that, in the long run, could generate more benefits in the club And, above all, he would not be a slave to the contract he signed with the company that would give the Camp Nou a surname. Furthermore, the Barça found from the beginning the trouble that no company, no matter how big, wanted advance 200 million. Multinationals only accepted installment payments.So the idea of new financing of the Espai Barça began to gather strength as the works never started (the last date was this summer 2020) and Bartomeu and its Board of Directors considered the convening of a extraordinary assembly of compromisarios for start it. But it was not like that. Finally, and perhaps for fear of losing that vote, as had happened with the new shield at the 2019 Assembly, Bartomeu rethought the situation and activated the idea of a second referendum. This would put the candidates of the 2021 elections in check, who should approve their project. And, in case of losing, I would say that it was the partner’s democratic decision.The coronavirus crisis, The last stumbling block that Espai Barça has encountered, has braking the summons of that second referendum that he is now thinking about the end of the year, but that he has already found a discordant voice. Victor Font dropped that, given the proximity of the elections (June 2021), could sound logical that the candidates back to them expose your financing ideas to give the green light to Espai Barça. Basically that the idea of Espai Barça between within the electoral campaign and that, once elected president, it be done based on how he projected it. Bartomeu has not yet spoken publicly about that Font amendment. But it has announced the convening of a second referendum.The immovable is that, six years after the referendum that gave the project the green light, Espai Barça is the Espai Barça never end.last_img read more

Thebes, anniversary under pressureThebes, anniversary under pressure

first_imgOn April 26 as today, but from 2013, Javier Tebas (Costa Rica, 1962) was named president of LaLiga, then LFP, replacing Astiazarán. He came to office after being vice president and leading the G-30. Since then, he has achieved an extreme professionalization and international expansion of the organization (physical presence in 46 countries and television signal in 200), and has managed to make the clubs go from being indebted entities to leading companies in what he calls “the industry of entertainment”. Now, that growth has been slowed by this harsh coronavirus crisis, so, as experts say, “until the 2022-23 season, normalcy will not return.” Hence, Thebes celebrates this Sunday an unhappy anniversary, concerned about the effects on football and reviving the competition; with footballers and doctors anxious about the protocols and with several clubs very annoyed by the plans for promotions and descents if it is not played.The Tebas’ mandate began with the establishment of an economic control elevated today to law under the umbrella of the Higher Sports Council since the time of Miguel Cardenal. The clubs have gone from owing to the Treasury 634 million to less than 47, all of them within contests with approved deadlines for payment. A government institution with which the leader came to see himself in court (“the tax collector wants to liquidate the clubs”). In this process of sanitation, its strategy contributed to ending complaints about non-payments to players (there were 153 in 2013), before a custom embodied in dozens of reports with lock-ups in the locker room. His obsession with money was such that two months after occupying his chair, he proposed lowering his salary to 348,000 euros. His predecessor earned 395,000 and he said in the hallways that that was a lot. The intransigence with which they did not comply led Elche and Murcia to drop to 2ºB. Meanwhile, he implemented a radical change with the schedules to give each party a strip from Friday to Monday, the controversy of which still reaches our days. There, an unpopularity grew that later varied due to its position with Catalonia (“If it becomes independent, Barça and Espanyol would not play LaLiga”), its sincerity in AS (“I am a Real Madrid player”) or its affinity for VOX. “In Twitter I have no followers, what I have are persecutors, “he says.His next milestone, after balancing the accounts, was to boost revenues to compete in the best conditions with the Premier in a fierce market. His move was to hold on to the power of television. The 2015 Royal Audiovisual Decree, now reformed by Irene Lozano, marked the step and was decisive, with benefits for professional football, for amateur football and even for other federations. LaLiga, when Thebes arrived, entered 851 million for the commercialization of the rights, before individually, so the ratio between the one who earned the most and the least was 6 to 1. With it, a joint sale was formalized (3.5 to 1), with revenues skyrocketing to 2,111 million. In that growth, LaLiga joined Mediapro as a commercial agent abroad, with a significant premium.Thebes also led a new image in terms of Security and Integrity. The hacking of the signal was subtracting some 500,000 subscribers a year. With the amaños it got to write a book on this subject (Football is not like that), ignoring those veiled criticisms they make (and reach) off the record some of his opponents because the Huesca that he presided over was, supposedly, involved in various puddles in the past. Now, with the sentence of Osasuna case, also analyzed by its critics as a smokescreen to the controversy of the tests, LaLiga has been rewarded for its fight against corruption. But Thebes’s pride is his anti-ultras crusade. Jimmy’s death (2014) was a turning point. Villar’s passivity did not stop him. He prohibited them from being in the stands and asked to modify the regulations with partial closings due to physical or verbal violence, while pleading to toughen the penalties of the Penal Code. He became so serious that he dismissed Augusto César Lendoiro as ambassador for attending Jimmy’s funeral to say goodbye to the Depor fan.New times in the bossesAfter plugging the leaks in income and reputation, the clubs already enter a total of 4,100 million annually, making football account for 1.37% of GDP and feed 700,000 families. This made it possible for Thebes to force his associates to invest in the improvement of the stadiums (not only is the Bernabéu underway), perfect the audiovisual product and security to be able to sell the product at a higher price and diversify the business. The growth was such that Thebes was also improving his salary. First it went to 425,000 euros. Then to 879,033 (629,033 fixed plus 250,000 for fees). And two years ago, he put to the vote, after an offer from the Serie A that many question but which was confirmed by managers of the Italian championship itself, which will receive 1.2 million euros net plus 250,000 extra. Almost all supported him except Madrid, with whom he has had several disputes in the courts, Athletic, Celta and two Second-tier entities. It always enjoyed majority support. Although he said that he would establish a limit of two terms, He has been re-elected twice (2017 and 2020) without opposition and holds the keys to the Madrid headquarters in Torrelaguna until 2024. Alex Aranzábal (ex Eibar) tried to keep his pulse the first time, but eventually backed down. In LaLiga it is not like in the RFEF: you can only give the endorsement to a candidate and Thebes, who handled the information and deadlines, always assured them on time. However, this general confidence has waned. In the last electoral process, Madrid, Celta, Zaragoza, Barça, Athletic, Getafe, Extremadura and Sporting, due to discrepancies and because the last five preferred to act like this when forming the Electoral Committee, they did not endorse him. Perhaps due to this growing division, many leaders think that Tebas has been with the idea of ​​becoming something like the CEO of LaLiga for a long time, to focus on the international audiovisual market and hand over the day-to-day staff to Carlos Suárez (Valladolid), Quico Catalán (Levante) or a trusted dolphin.Another evolving relationship is with the Federation. After his crude war with Villar (“he thinks he has a farmhouse”), a new time seemed to begin. Rubiales’ arrival was an opportunity to improve things, but his battles have been even tougher (competitions, on Mondays, Plan Miami, VAR …), losing several of them. The tension dates back to 2015, when Tebas stopped a strike led by Rubiales and several other unionists who now work for LaLiga in AFE (“don’t come with scenes like Bildu and HB”). The Viana Pact, for which the employers will inject 200 million euros into Spanish sport in four years, indicates that there has been a truce. “I wish the RFEF president luck and that he makes the best decision,” Thebes said Friday about the redevelopment of the 2nd B. After supporting Jorge Pérez and Larrea, he is now betting on Casillas rumored Las Rozas. The effects of this union will be seen in the future. The present of Thebes is marked, like the rest of the world, by the Covid-19. The intrahistory | Insomniac ‘El Patrón’ at the helm of a telematic LeagueLaLiga, as an institution, and according to official sources, made an ERTE to part of its staff that now cannot carry out its activity. However, Thebes has the rest well occupied. As José Guerra, the general director who has replaced Javier Gómez, said in AS: “We need all of our human resources.” That is why LaLiga records that, in full confinement, it has already held more than 2,000 meetings by videoconference. In many of them is JT, how they like to shorten their collaborators. Has turned Microsoft Teams in his preferred telematic means of communication… Through this channel he has coordinated these days the Division Boards and the most important Delegate Commissions in years, where he has analyzed the possible losses (from 300 million if the championship is restarted to 1,000 if it is not played ) and has launched forceful messages such as those revealed by this newspaper: “Forget about the transfer market, count on the quarry and play out on loan”, “It will be played without an audience until 2021” or “This is what I could save from the Royal Decree …”.Thebes has long placed himself in the hands of a new signing, Rocío Pérez de Sevilla, a specialist in crisis management, while he himself often and informally acts as director of communication. “He can send you a message at 1:00 and the next at 5:30,” is the talk among the journalists. The president of LaLiga himself admits that he sleeps fairly and that the first thing he does when he gets up is to browse the media and study reports, now related to plans to return to activity in other leagues and not so much with television and new competitions. that the greats propose and that he vehemently censors. It is holding up to six and seven daily meetings of openwork with national and international organizations. The labor-legal advisory summits with the clubs are not run by him, but he usually enters them when he has a place and always demands feedback. With health protocols not a single detail is lost. He knows that now everything depends on them. He likes to delegate, although in the end he prefers to have the last word. That is why in LaLiga they know him, as precisely as loving, as The boss.last_img read more

Former Schalke player Hiannick Kamba found dead for 2016Former Schalke player Hiannick Kamba found dead for 2016

first_imgCongolese footballer Hiannick Kamba, a former Schalke 04 player who was presumed dead in January 2016 after suffering a traffic accident in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has been found alive in Ruhr (Germany), according to the German newspaper Bild.Kamba, now 33, fHe was pronounced dead after allegedly having a car accident on January 9, 2016 in his native country, to which he traveled “without documents, without money and without a mobile phone,” according to prosecutor Anette Milk.However, Kamba, teammate of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer in the lower categories of Schalke, was discovered alive this week in Ruhr, where he allegedly worked as a chemical technician at an energy provider, more than four years after his disappearance. The main hypothesis is that Kamba’s ex-wife drew up the plan to collect death insurance; in fact, Milk revealed that Kamba himself says that he was abandoned by his friends on the day of the events and that he went to the German embassy in Kinshasa in 2018 to report the “false news” about his death.Now, Kamba will be a witness in the trial against his ex-wife, with whom she has a 10-year-old son, due to insurance fraud. It is unknown if the documents confirming the death of the player were falsified or provided by a corrupt body.last_img read more

Toronto make it eight straightToronto make it eight straight

first_imgTORONTO (AP):Toronto extended their winning streak to a season-high eight straight by beating the Los Angeles (LA) Clippers 112-94 on Sunday, creating a bit of franchise history by sweeping both LA teams in the same season for the first time.The Raptors completed a season double over the Clippers – as they also did last year – to add to the earlier sweep of the Lakers.Elsewhere, Houston used a spurt of 3-pointers in the fourth quarter to pull away and beat state and division rivals Dallas.Toronto’s Kyle Lowry scored 21 points and Jonas Valanciunas had 20 for the Raptors, while Terrence Ross had five 3-pointers en route to his fourth straight game in double figures off the bench.The eight-game streak is one short of the team record set in 2001-02.Chris Paul had 23 points and 11 assists for the Clippers.Houston’s James Harden had a triple double of 23 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists to lead the Rockets past Dallas 115-104.SEASONHIGHTrevor Ariza scored a season-high 29 for the Rockets, who trailed by one entering the fourth quarter, but hit four 3-pointers in a 14-4 run to take a 98-89 lead with about nine minutes left.After a Dallas basket, Houston then added five points to effectively end the contest.Chandler Parsons had a season-high 31 points for the Mavericks.Brooklyn’s Brook Lopez scored a season-high 31 points and grabbed 10 rebounds as the Nets beat Oklahoma City 116-106, halting the Thunder’s run of wins at seven.Boston won 112-92 at struggling Philadelphia in a game delayed a day by the wintry weather enveloping the eastern United States.last_img read more

We are here to win – Nicaragua FA presidentWe are here to win – Nicaragua FA president

first_imgJose Jacinto Reyes, president of the Nicaraguan Football Federation (NFF), believes it will be youthful exuberance versus the experience and proven track record of Jamaica’s national senior Reggae Boyz, when both teams meet in a crucial World Cup qualifier inside the National Stadium on Friday night.Both teams will lock horns in a crucial qualifying match ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The game will begin at 8 p.m.Reyes believes the Reggae Boyz are worthy favourites at home, given their wealth of international experience and recent form internationally.”Nicaragua is a team that is coming from less to more (improving), so yes, we are ready for Jamaica,” he told The Gleaner in an interview yesterday, as part of the Nicaraguan delegation that arrived at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.”Nicaragua team is a young team, and we don’t have the same experience that Jamaica has, but we are prepared,” he reiterated, while labelling Jamaica favourites.Jamaica comes into this contest as the first Caribbean team to play in a Gold Cup Finals, and prior to that, they featured in the Copa America tournament hosted in Chile.playing with heartsMeanwhile, Nicaragua are unbeaten in 2015. The teams they beat in round one and two of the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers were Anguilla 8-0 on aggregate and Suriname 4-1.”Even though it’s a young team, we are playing with our hearts, and even though we have a young team, we are here (in Jamaica) to win. And we pray to God that we can win, otherwise, we will still give them a great challenge,” added the president.He says should the match end in a tie, football would be the winner, while noting his association is under a new administration and its thrust is banking on youth.The Reggae Boyz will travel to Nicaragua for the September 8 return leg. The winner on aggregate will advance in the 2018 qualification for Russia, while the loser will be eliminated.last_img read more

Powell wants Burrell to deal with issuesPowell wants Burrell to deal with issues

first_imgWESTERN BUREAU:Though failing in his bid to secure enough support that would make him a nominee for the post of president of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF), and in the process unseat current president, Captain Horace Burrell, Orville Powell said he is not disappointed, but proud.”I feel a sense of pride because what I did was justified based on facts. If you remove the personalities involved, you will realise it is nothing personal, but one that’s based on raw facts, and we still need to address them,” Powell said.”All I want to do is put out there all the facts. I have put out some, and other stuff said are clearly my opinion, and I will not stop,” he noted.”If Burrell wants me to stop, then the issues raised must be put squarely on the table, itemised and addressed,” said the Montego Bay businessman and owner of Montego Bay United Football Club, current leaders of the Red Stripe Premier League.”I made myself available, and the delegates rejected it. Now they will have to continue dealing with the Captain and his ideas,” he said.lack of supportPowell, who was seeking to remove the long-serving Burrell from the JFF’s top job, failed to convince the various parish associations to lend him their support, with only St Ann standing by his side.The lack of support for Powell leaves Burrell in the position for another four-year term.All the parishes that make up the Western Confederation (St James, Westmoreland, Trelawny, and Hanover) did not support Powell’s bid.However, he still believes the process needs to change, saying whether or not he is president is irrelevant, “because if Burrell can effect the change, he should do it; and if he can’t, then someone must come forward to lead”.strong Desire for changePowell is of the view that there is a great urge among football delegates islandwide for change in the JFF leadership.Why then did their representative parish bodies not support the drive for change?”Everybody, including the delegates that I have spoken to, want the change, but somehow they do not see me as the man, at this time, to take charge,” reasoned Powell.He said Burrell, with blanket sponsorship of several of the island’s parish leagues through his business, The Captain’s Bakery, has insulated the JFF President against any realistic challenge. He called the financial backing unethical.”I am saying this also, that if you refer to the FIFA Code of Ethics, one can draw every interpretation of that fact. We are so guided by FIFA, and my interpretation of his business playing such a role in the football, irrespective of what people may say, is ethically wrong,” Powell argued.last_img read more

Windies Under-19s beat India to win ICC Cricket World CupWindies Under-19s beat India to win ICC Cricket World Cup

first_imgDHAKA, Bangladesh (CMC):Underdogs West Indies Under-19s stunned favourites India Under-19s by five wickets in a low-scoring final of the ICC Youth Cricket World Cup to crown themselves World champions for the first time in their history yesterday.Chasing 146 for victory atthe Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium, the Caribbean side was reduced to 77 for five in the 29th over before they were bailed out by a brilliant unbeaten half-century by Man-of-the-Match Keacy Carty to get home in the last over with a mere three balls to spare.Carty stroked an unbeaten 52 off 125 balls with two fours and added a precious 69 in an unbroken sixth-wicket stand with the consistent Keemo Paul, who struck a busy 40 not out off 68 deliveries with a four and a six.Entering the final over of the game with three runs needed, Paul got the winning runs when he charged seamer Khaleel Ahmed and top-edged a pull over the wicketkeeper for four to spark wild celebrations in the West Indies camp.”I feel very good right now. Words can’t even explain how I feel right now,” an overwhelmed Young Windies captain, Shimron Hetmyer, said.”How the guys played today showed we were supposed to be champions today, and we came out on top.”The victory had earlier been set up by the irrepressible Alzarri Joseph, who tore through the India Under-19 top order with a fine exhibition of fast bowling to send the innings tumbling to 145 all out off 45.1 overs.He claimed three for 39 from his 10 overs, while seamers Ryan John (3-38) and Paul (2-17) provided excellent support as India faltered badly after they were sent in – crashing to 50 for five in the 18th over and never really recovering.Sarfaraz Khan top-scored with 51 off 89 balls, and Rahul Batham got 21, but they were just two of three batsmen to make it into double figures.last_img read more

Second round goal! – Schäfer believes Reggae Boyz will shine at Copa CentennialSecond round goal! – Schäfer believes Reggae Boyz will shine at Copa Centennial

first_img “We need service for the players … And at the end of our matches we need success. We need our players, the best players, and I hope all our players come in very good (health). But for the team the service must be perfect, it’s very important.” Schäfer said hosting at least a one-week camp will be important. “We want one week before the players go off from the training. We had meeting with CONCACAF and they accepted what we want and we need one week for our players for tactical training, for standards of corners, free kick. It was the same for the (2015) Copa America, (the) players knew what they had to do,” he assessed. At the last two tournaments (Copa America and Gold Cup), monetary squabbles threatened to derail the team and the coach is hoping the federation and players work out all financial arrangements well in advance. “There are two parts; one is the team, the other is the JFF. It is normal for the players coming from clubs to want the best (pay) package, the highest money. In Germany, Britain, Mexico it’s all the same. So before we go to the tournament, five, six weeks before, we are clear. One day before the match I don’t accept this. “For the first match we have to be clear about the bonus arrangement. They need a meeting four weeks before and come to a result of what the JFF can do,” the German added. Schäfer, who attended the draw along with manager Roy Simpson and JFF President, Captain Horace Burrell, said their performances at last year’s Copa America and Gold Cup earned them greater respect outside of the region. “In Chile (Copa), we lost three times one-nil … but now we have more confidence, as the last big tournament gave more confidence to us, and we got more respect from the other teams. All the teams coming to this tournament are very good teams, Jamaica too. We qualified, this is not an invitation. “For us, this is a big tournament, and we are proud as a small island to be in one of the biggest tournaments in the world.” NEED SUCCESS National senior men’s team football head coach, Winfred Schäfer, says the Reggae Boyz aim to excel and make the country proud at this summer’s Copa Centennial football tournament in the United States, as he believes they can qualify for the second round. The Jamaicans were placed in Group C alongside Uruguay, Mexico and Venezuela at the competition’s draw in New York on Sunday and Schäfer argues that with the best players and the right support from the football federation the team can be successful. “Before the (2015) Copa America remember what I told (said) and many people smiled and say ‘coach, what you talk’. I told I want win. I’m not going to the Copa America and Gold Cup for (a) joke,” he said. “The players have to know we can win and not only the players, the JFF too. They (JFF) have to be perfect (with preparation and accommodation) for the first match in Chicago, then to Miami and then to New York,” Schäfer continued.last_img read more

Jennifer Ellison-Brown: Major causes and prevention of sports-related injuriesJennifer Ellison-Brown: Major causes and prevention of sports-related injuries

first_imgSport is a dynamic activity. When we play, we push our bodies to the limit, and this can lead to injury. Sometimes, of course, even when all precautions and great care have been taken, parts of the body can be injured either through sudden impact, movement or overuse. If such injuries keep occurring, more lasting damage can occur. Injuries can also occur because of environmental factors such as equipment, playing surfaces and weather conditions. Injuries can be classed as: – Accidental injuries (due to violence or the environment) – Overuse injuries – Chronic Injuries – Accidental injuries Accidental injuries are those that happen when they are least expected and can be caused by internal and external forces. Internal force is extra strain on the body parts when performance is at our highest level. A sudden stretch or twist can strain or tear muscles, tendons or ligament. Example: Sprinters can tear a hamstring in a race, footballers get groin strain through stretching or knee ligament damage from twisting. External forces come from outside and has to do with direct contact or violence from another player. Another external force is the environment. Injuries caused by violence are due to direct contact between players or equipment. Many sports have violent contact between opponents which may result in fractures, dislocations, sprains and bruises. They may also be caused by being hit by equipment such as a bat, ball, sticks or rackets. Breaking the rules can lead to violent injury. The environment can lead to injury due to facilities. For example, uneven playing surfaces can cause a player to trip and land heavily on the playing surface, or a player may collide with the goalpost. The weather conditions may cause dehydration, heat exhaustion and then heat stroke due to extreme heat and hypothermia due to extreme cold conditions. Always be properly prepared for the activity. The right skills, strategies, frame of mind and body condition to perform well must be developed. Not knowing what to do cause mistakes and injuries. ENOUGH REST AND RECOVERY PLAYING SURFACES COOL DOWN These are caused by using a part of the body repeatedly over a long period of time. These injuries produce pain and inflammation. Common overuse injuries include ‘tennis or golf elbows’, ‘Shin splints’, ‘cricketer’s shoulder’, ‘blisters and calluses caused by gripping equipment tightly during activity. Some overuse injuries are caused by incorrect technique. All injuries must be treated at once. If they are placed under stress before they are healed, they will get worse. If this continues, a chronic injury will develop and will be difficult to heal. Chronic injury can lead to permanent damage. Lack of fitness and lack of knowledge of the rules of the sport can also cause injuries. CORRECT WARM-UP AND Impatience at times causes players to ignore the need for a good warm-up before the start of an activity and a gentle cool-down at the end. A warm-up prepares the mind and body for the activity and helps reduce the risk of injury. It should involve a gradual increase in the heart rate and breathing rate. Stretching exercises are also important. A cool-down reverses the warm-up process and brings the mind and body back to a relaxed state. It helps to begin repaying of oxygen debt by maintaining an increased blood flow to the muscles to deliver oxygen to the tissue and remove lactic acid. CORRECT EQUIPMENT AND OVERUSE INJURIES The use of correct equipment for the activity and wearing the correct clothing can avoid injury. Protection for ankle, knees, hips and back by wearing the correct footwear and clothing must be comfortable for the environment. Equipment should be approved and safe. Activities should always be properly supervised with first aid equipment and material available. Safe practice and safety rules must be adhered to. The playing surface should always be safe and in appropriate condition. CORRECT PREPARATION PREVENTING SPORT INJURIES Sometimes there is not much that can be done to prevent an injury from happening. However, it helps if training is progressive and safe, with proper rest periods, proper conditioning of the body and the right mental attitude. Those factors are important in reducing the risk. Never come back too soon after an injury before you know you are ready. Do not allow yourself to be pressured into performing before you are properly recovered. This will prevent further damage to the injured body part.last_img read more