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An Ode To Kobe Bryant In Two ChartsAn Ode To Kobe Bryant In Two Charts

If shot charts could talk, this one would talk all kinds of smack. When he was on the floor, Bryant used a ridiculous 38.7 percent of the Lakers possessions in the 2005-06 season but still somehow managed to perform pretty efficiently. That’s the Kobe to remember, the one who created, took and sunk any shot he wanted. The one who thumbed his nose at the very idea of a usage-efficiency curve. The one who was one of the most truly versatile scoring threats the NBA had ever seen. O Kobe! My Kobe! On Sunday night, after publishing a retirement poem that no one was waiting for, Bryant went 4 for 20, including a ghastly air ball in crunch time. It was yet another ugly loss for the Los Angeles Lakers and yet another data point suggesting that Bryant is toast. Sunday’s verse fit nicely in the sad ballad of the gray mamba — a morose composition marked by terrible shot selection, poor lift on a rickety jumper and a stubborn commitment to taking too many shots. But that’s not what Kobe has always been.Bryant is a shell of his former self, and he knows it. “My body knows it’s time to say goodbye,” he wrote in the poem. His numbers suggest the same: This season, Bryant has been the worst volume shooter in the NBA. So far this year, 57 players have attempted at least 200 shots from the field; within that group, the 37-year-old Bryant ranks dead last in effective field goal percentage.If shot charts could talk, this one would apologize: That’s one of the saddest charts I’ve ever made. On the one hand, it’s unsurprising to see aging scorers start to slip; on the other, it’s always alarming to see someone as iconic as Bryant slip so far so fast.Over the next few months, recency bias may be very unkind to Bryant. But his NBA career started the same autumn that Bill Clinton was elected to his second term in office. Kristaps Porzingis was 1-year-old and Karl-Anthony Towns hadn’t even had a birthday when Kobe made his debut. If those guys play as long as Bryant, they will retire in 2035.Still, as bleak as this year has been, this is not the Kobe Bryant we will remember.During the preseason, I went to Staples Center to interview Chris Paul. We were talking about his all-world ability to knock down elbow jumpers, when he suddenly had a flashback: “Do you remember Lakers versus Phoenix, a playoff game in 2006? Kobe. There was a jump ball. I think the game was tied up. Lakers won the tip. Kobe got it. And he just sort of dribbled. Dribbled. Dribbled. And he got over to the right elbow. And he just shot it.”“Kobe never even looked at the rim,” Paul continued. “It’s like he was getting to a spot. Looking at that play, it’s like there was an ‘X’ somewhere on the court and Kobe was like, ‘Once I get to it, I’m like, boom.’ ”That shot to beat the Suns happened almost a decade ago. From a scoring standpoint, that season — 2005-06 — might be Bryant’s finest hour. He averaged 35.4 points per game. Only three scoring champs in NBA history have averaged 35 points per game: Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan and Bryant. read more

201516 NBA Preview The Clips Add Depth To Survive The West201516 NBA Preview The Clips Add Depth To Survive The West

What his shooting gives, his defense takes away. J.J. Redick is an excellent threat from behind the arc, but his defensive efforts, while improved, are still substandard. His top 10 CARMELO comps — like teammate Jamal Crawford — are, not surprisingly, shooting specialists. Wing defense is just what the doctor ordered, and Lance Stephenson provides that. But as his slew of replacement-level CARMELO comps shows, Lance comes with costs: His penchant for over-dribbling and ill-advised shots can torpedo an offense. Read more:All our NBA player projectionsAll our 2015-16 NBA Previews Josh Smith, an inefficient scorer with a shaky reputation, seems like a Clipper from the team’s dismal past. In this respect, the Antoine Walker comp is too perfect, and too painful, for Clippers fans. But Smith does some things really well — namely, defense. Clippers fans should hold out hope that he’ll be like No. 10 comp Rasheed Wallace. Is CARMELO telling us there will be fewer dunks and more jump shots in Griffin’s future? Chris Bosh and LaMarcus Aldridge, two of Griffin’s modern comps, have made their names as stretch power forwards. It would be a shrewd move, as Griffin’s athleticism will fade with age and injuries. But more than a dunker with an emerging shot, Griffin is an underrated passer and defender, too. His top comp, Terry Cummings, perhaps forgotten by today’s young fans, was an amazing dunker: DeAndre Jordan’s change of heart about signing with the Mavericks as a free agent in July was a good turn of events for the Clippers, and for him, too. A rebounding monster and rim protector par excellence, Jordan anchors the Clips on defense. His CARMELO comps, like Dale Davis and Tyson Chandler, are stalwart dunk-and-defense guys. The Los Angeles Clippers had a busy (and weird) summer! They beefed up with veteran Paul Pierce and the tantalizingly erratic talents of Lance Stephenson and Josh Smith. And beyond the new additions, the Clips scored a dramatic coup in keeping DeAndre Jordan after he verbally agreed to sign with the Dallas Mavericks. Doc Rivers — entering his third season as head coach and second as de facto general manager — is hoping the off-season moves fixed two glaring problems that thwarted the team’s Finals ambitions last year: a paper-thin bench and a lack of wing defenders.The added depth will help, but the team will still be carried by Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. And the Clip offense will again be among the NBA’s best. Our CAMELO-based projections have the Clippers going 55-27. That’s a damn good record, but the Clips have been there, and their defense still looks mediocre. Can they break through the gauntlet of elite teams in the West? Doc Rivers reunited with Pierce, a scrappy veteran who still has a clutch outside shot, to provide depth on the wing. But The Truth is that, at 38 years old, an NBA player is entering his twilight. That said, Vince Carter (Pierce’s top CARMELO comp) wasn’t so bad last year! We’re inaugurating our NBA player projection system, CARMELO, with 2015-16 season previews for every team in the league. Check out the teams we’ve already previewed here. Learn more about CARMELO here. And here’s what to expect from the Clippers’ key players in 2015-16 (you can find every Clippers player — and the rest of the NBA — here): Chris Paul, the Clippers floor general and perennial MVP candidate, is running out of time. Having just turned 30, he may have already passed his peak. Paul’s CARMELO comps split into two camps. On one hand, Paul could have elite years well into his 30s — like John Stockton, Jason Kidd and Gary Payton. But on the other hand, his future could go the way of Mark Price and Kevin Johnson, who suffered precipitous falls at this age. This could be the inflection season for Paul. There are rumors Wesley Johnson might start at small forward. That’s odd because Johnson is — at least according to CARMELO — not good. read more

Agent tells Lantern that exBuckeye football player accepted moneyAgent tells Lantern that exBuckeye football player accepted money

The roller-coaster ride that is football player Santonio Holmes’ career made perhaps its most abrupt turn Tuesday. A day after playing his first game for his new team following a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, a former agent accused Holmes of accepting money during his playing days at Ohio State. Josh Luchs told Sports Illustrated that he offered Holmes money but was rebuffed by the then-Buckeye wide receiver, who was already being paid by another agent. In a phone interview with The Lantern, Luchs said he wasn’t the first to contact Holmes while the receiver was at OSU. “That wasn’t a typical situation. I was basically shut down immediately with the response being that he was basically getting taken care of by somebody else,” said Luchs, who also represented former OSU running back Maurice Clarett. “So I just took it as I was too late for the dance. But, obviously, as I progressed on, I wasn’t going to participate in that stuff anymore.” Luchs said he appreciated Holmes’ being forthright about taking money from another agent. “You know what, I applaud Santonio for being straight-up and being forthright with me when I got there and not making me go through my song and dance and wasting my time,” Luchs said. “I wish more players were that honest with what they were doing, and I applaud him for it.” Through a New York Jets spokesperson, Holmes denied that he ever told Luchs he was receiving money from an agent while in college, SI reported. “He denied it. That’s fine,” Luchs said. “I mean, what is he going to say? Plenty of people deny things that are true. It doesn’t matter. I still appreciate his honesty one-on-one when it mattered. It doesn’t matter what’s said publicly.” The OSU athletic department was still investigating as of Tuesday night. “We just learned of the article,” OSU spokesman Dan Wallenberg said in an e-mail. “Our compliance staff is in the process of gathering information.” read more

OSU freshman football players Joel Hale Jeff Heuerman make splash in theirOSU freshman football players Joel Hale Jeff Heuerman make splash in their

Even Ohio State football players couldn’t escape the celebration of Osama bin Laden’s death Sunday night. Freshman defensive lineman Joel Hale and freshman tight end Jeff Heuerman joined the mass of OSU students at Mirror Lake, and jumped in to celebrate the death of the terrorist leader. Hale said he hadn’t heard the news when Heuerman came into his room. “I was laying down and I was basically asleep Sunday night, and my buddy Jeff (Heuerman) came and woke up me and said, ‘Hey, let’s go down to Mirror Lake,’” Hale said. Even as the two were walking to the lake, Hale still didn’t know why they were going. “I had no idea what was happening,” he said. “I thought we were going to get food at Mirror Lake.” The event marked a special moment in the players’ careers at OSU because football players do not typically jump in Mirror Lake during Michigan week. However, Hale said he jumped in on a whim, not because it was his only chance to participate in the OSU tradition. “It was really kind of spur of the moment,” he said. “We saw everyone screaming and jumping into the lake and we just thought, ‘Let’s go jump.’” Hale said he likes the camaraderie among the OSU students, but because he has yet to see Michigan week, he couldn’t compare the two Mirror Lake jumps. “We were talking to Jeff’s roommate and he said it was not to the point of Michigan week but it was getting pretty close,” Hale said. Heuerman declined to comment. read more

Ohio State hopes to build momentum after week offOhio State hopes to build momentum after week off

Redshirt-sophomore wide receiver Michael Thomas (3), redshirt-freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett (16) and senior wide receiver Evan Spencer (6) celebarte during a game against Maryland on Oct. 4 in College Park, Md. OSU won, 52-24, before heading into a week off.Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorWhen an athlete or a team is on a roll, they typically want to do anything they can to keep the momentum.One of the best ways to do that can be simply playing again as soon as possible, but the Ohio State football team didn’t have that opportunity coming off a 52-24 win against Maryland on Oct. 4. Now, the Buckeyes have to find some way to keep the gears spinning coming off a second bye week just five games into the season.After players spent their weekend off either with friends, family, coaches or even out of the country, coach Urban Meyer said it will be important to find a way to keep the team rolling.“We have to restake that momentum,” Meyer said Monday. “This is a little bit uncharted waters for myself to have this many bye weeks early in the season. We got to get ready to go.”OSU’s first week off came after a 66-0 trampling of Kent State at home on Sept. 13. The Buckeyes followed that break with another win against Cincinnati before topping the Terrapins.Meyer said the team has a “standard operating procedure” for how game weeks are run, but he added he’ll meet with the team to discuss how to keep the momentum coming out of a week off.“I’m going to talk to them like grown men, say this is where we’re at, this is what we have to do,” he said. “You’ve had three days off, let’s pick up and go.”Even before the weekend off, the Buckeyes had a lighter week of practice than normal, senior linebacker Curtis Grant said, but that doesn’t mean the team slacked off.“We had a great practice for those last three days, it was very intense,” Grant said Monday. “But coach Meyer gave us a little bit of leeway. He didn’t really kill us last week. So we’ll be ready for this week.”While the offense continued a successful run of games against Maryland, the Buckeyes entered the bye week coming off one of their best defensive performances of the season. Grant and the rest of the OSU defense held the Terrapins to just 66 yards rushing and 310 yards total, coming out to an average of 4.8 yards per play.Redshirt-sophomore safety Tyvis Powell said having an extra week off after a strong performance can have one of two outcomes — one good and one bad.“They way I see it could be good is if we basically pick up where we left off, we get that momentum going, it’s good to keep it going and keep playing and progressing,” he said Monday. “But if we come back this week and be lackadaisical because we had a week off, then I could see where it could be bad.”Powell went on to say he expects the good possibility to be the outcome for the Buckeyes as they set their sights on another Big Ten game this weekend.Even though it could stunt momentum, there could still be positives of having an extra week off during the season.Junior offensive lineman Taylor Decker said the bye week was a chance to work on getting healthy, but added he could’ve done with a little bit less time off.“It’s nice to get some rest on the bye week and get your body back, start feeling a little better than you have,” he said Monday. “But then you see the other teams playing and it’s fun being out there. Definitely better than sitting at home.”While the Buckeyes did practice a few times during the week, a weekend off gave the players a chance to do things along the lines of sitting at home and watching football for a change, instead of playing it.Powell said he spent most of his Saturday watching football, and did it away from anyone else from the program.“Everybody went they own separate ways,” he said.But some players still made sure to stay close to teammates — at least partially — over the weekend. Senior wide receiver Evan Spencer said he and others from his position group spent Saturday watching football at wide receivers coach Zach Smith’s house.“It’s always good to just watch some football, because that’s what I’ve done my whole life,” Spencer said.He still found some time for personal life, though, as he said his “girlfriend kind of took over my weekend.”“I met with her, met her brother, and brother’s wife and son, then we went out to one of her friend’s house, so it was an eventful weekend,” he said.But not every player on the team even felt the need to go back home or spend time at a coach’s residence.Take senior tight end Jeff Heuerman for example: “How’d I spend my bye week? Went to Mexico.”The Buckeyes are scheduled to return to the field on Saturday to face Rutgers at Ohio Stadium. Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. read more

Mens basketball Ohio State wins final nonconference game against Miami 7259Mens basketball Ohio State wins final nonconference game against Miami 7259

Ohio State senior forward Jae’Sean Tate attacks the basket in the first half of the Buckeyes’ win against Miami on Dec. 30, 2017. Credit: Jacob Myers | Managing Editor for ContentEnding the nonconference schedule without a signature loss has proved as difficult as winning one of college basketball’s premier conferences the past two seasons for Ohio State.With a win against in-state opponent Miami (Ohio) Saturday, Chris Holtmann would finish his first nonconference schedule as the Buckeyes head coach without taking on substantial damage to its NCAA Tournament resume.Veterans Keita-Bates Diop, Kam Williams and Jae’Sean Tate didn’t allow the RedHawks (7-6) to ruin that narrative.Miami cut Ohio State’s 17-point, second-half lead to just five points in a little more than four minutes, but a 10-0 run with less than three minutes gave the Buckeyes (11-4) enough separation to finish upset-minded Miami, 72-59 in their final tuneup before 16 straight Big Ten games. Bates-Diop recorded 19 points and nine rebounds, guard C.J. Jackson, Williams and Tate finished with 16, 15 and 11 points, respectively.Ohio State accomplished its goal by ending the nonconference slate with a victory, but it wasn’t anywhere near the performance Holtmann envisioned.“We didn’t play with enough assertiveness,” Holtmann said. “I thought at times — more than at times — they were more physical than we were … I think we got to answer the bell better than we did today in terms of just playing with more physicality.”Leading by seven at the half, it seemed like just a matter of time before Ohio State began to run away with the game. It was quite the opposite.When Ohio State took its biggest lead of the game, Miami sophomore forward Bam Bowman, who entered the game averaging 4.8 points per game, hit three of his five triples to boost the RedHawks back into the game.Freshman Dalonte Brown made a layup with 6:03 remaining to cut the Miami deficit to just three. The next two possessions, Jackson and Williams hit back-to-back triples. Tate followed that up with a second-chance layup to give the Buckeyes a double-digit lead they would finally hold on to.There were certainly moments in the game Holtmann was recalling after the game when bringing up a lack of physicality, but the 10-0 stretch was identified as the moment Ohio State made winning plays.With five minutes remaining and Ohio State leading by six, Jackson rolled his ankle on a missed layup, creating a man-up transition opportunity for the RedHawks. Jackson hobbled back down to the weak-side of the floor and took a charge. Next possession, Jackson found Williams for a 3 that gave the Buckeyes a nine-point lead.“It was a really important play,” Holtmann said. “I’ve been on him, I’m on him a lot on those kind of things, but he’s really playing with a lot of confidence. He’s playing aggressively. He’s playing free and he’s making an impact on both ends.”Jackson had six assists to three turnovers Saturday as he continues to improve and gain confidence in the offense. But what Ohio State’s offense failed to do against Miami was put them away at the first chance.Even in the first half when Ohio State had a quick 5-0 run to lead by seven, Miami continued to trade buckets and keep the Buckeyes within arm’s reach.That’s a narrative that will have to change moving forward.“We just needed to get consistent stops,” Williams said. “We can’t trade baskets with anybody. Especially going into Big Ten play, you trade baskets, the next thing you know you’re down 20. We needed to nip that in the bud as soon as possible.”Notes:It was announced before the game that Tate had suffered a left shoulder sprain during practice Thursday and was questionable to play. Wearing a patch on his left shoulder, Tate remained in the starting lineup and played 28 minutes.The injury was unrelated to Tate’s past shoulder injuries, per a team spokesperson. Tate missed the remainder of his sophomore season after undergoing surgery on a torn labrum on the same shoulder in late February 2016.Holtmann said Tate was very limited in Friday’s practice and with the team having three days off for the holidays, Tate’s endurance has taken a hit.“I didn’t think he was in a very good rhythm. I didn’t think his conditioning was very good,” Holtmann said. “I just don’t know right now if he’s in a good-enough shape for him to play the way we want him to play, to be quite honest. It happens to anybody who’s been off, but he’s had more days off and he’s got to get in better shape.”Now, this isn’t a coach taking a shot at his senior leader. Holtmann has said before that Tate’s body is just prone to becoming out of shape quickly if he doesn’t have the constant stimulus of practice and games. The injury didn’t limit his range or the way he played the game, so it shouldn’t be a cause for concern. C.J. Jackson becoming reliable scorerBates-Diop has been the star on Ohio State’s team this year, which has diverted much of the attention away from Jackson who just scored double-digit points for the sixth time in the last seven games. With his 4-for-6 performance from 3 against Miami, Jackson is now shooting 43.8 percent from behind the arc.Bates-Diop shot just 6-of-18 overall and 0-for-6 from 3 Saturday. It’s likely he will have a few games like that moving forward in conference play, which is when Jackson’s contributions could be most important.Where does Ohio State stand?At 11-4, with two Big Ten wins and no signature losses, Ohio State is in a good spot for the only thing that matters in college basketball — the NCAA Tournament.“I look back at our nonconference as we complete it and I feel good about it,” Holtmann said. “Certainly there’s maybe one of two that we would’ve liked to win that particular game.”He will never discuss his team’s prospectus of making the tournament in late December, but he seems aware of areas the Buckeyes must improve on for the second half of the season.“Now the challenge is can we learn from some of these things where we have to get better,” he said. “Because if not, we’ll be in for a really, really challenging stretch.” read more

Sue Perkins learnt the Great British Bake Off was leaving the BBCSue Perkins learnt the Great British Bake Off was leaving the BBC

first_imgSue Perkins discovered the Great British Bake Off was leaving the BBC after seeing the news on a friend’s Facebook page, it has emerged.The presenter, 47, was one a number of high-profile stars who declined to “go with the dough” and move with the programme to Channel 4 following a breakdown in negotiations last year.She has now revealed she was not told the corporation had lost the show and instead saw the news on social media.“I learnt the news from a friend’s Facebook page,” she said. “For a while it was really painful but everybody has to do as they see best. It was seven years of my life and it had seen me through highs and lows.” Paul Hollywood, Mel Giedroyc, Mary Berry and Perkins pictured in a promotional shot for the last series of the show on the BBC Meanwhile, Mel Giedroyc released a joint statement with Perkins confirming they had declined to “go with the dough” and admitting they made “no secret of our desire for the show to remain where it was”. In the interview with the Observer magazine, she also spoke fondly of her time with the programme. “For three months [a year] I would go off to a stately home, play whist with Mary Berry, see all my friends and meet some really great bakers,” she said. “Then, when it was all done, I’d go off on holiday.”The news that the hit baking show was moving to Channel 4 emerged last year after the BBC failed to pay £25million a year to keep it.Love Productions, the company behind Bake Off, made the announcement last September after “more than a year of exhaustive negotiations”.Perkins was one of several high-profile stars who announced they would not be following the show to Channel 4.Berry said she had decided to stay with the BBC “out of loyalty” to the corporation for nurturing her and the show from its beginnings. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The revamped programme will now restart later this year after the BBC waived a legal clause preventing Channel 4 from showing it until 2018.Prue Leith will replace Berry and judge competitors alongside Paul Hollywood, while Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig will take over presenting duties.Perkins added: “They are all more than capable of turning out a brilliant show. The issue is chemistry.”The BBC declined to comment.  Paul Hollywood, Mel Giedroyc, Mary Berry and Perkins pictured in a promotional shot for the last series of the show on the BBCCredit: Tom Grahamlast_img read more

Ariana Grande broken following terror attack at her Manchester Arena concertAriana Grande broken following terror attack at her Manchester Arena concert

first_imgGrande’s music label, Universal Media Group said: “We are deeply saddened to learn of tonight’s devastating event in Manchester. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this tragedy.”Witnesses reported hearing two loud bangs coming from near the arena’s bars at about 10.35 p.m. “A huge bomb-like bang went off that hugely panicked everyone and we were all trying to flee the arena,” concertgoer Majid Khan, 22, told the Press Association. “It was one bang, and essentially everyone from the other side of the arena where the bang was heard from suddenly came running towards us as they were trying to exit.” Prime Minister Theresa May suspended election campaigning and said the Government is working to establish “the full details of what is being treated by the police as an appalling terrorist attack.”She said her thoughts are with the victims and the families of those who have been affected. The government is expected to call an emergency Cabinet meeting.The incident is the most deadly terrorist incident in Britain since the London Underground bombings of July 7 2005.Police advised the public to avoid the area around the Manchester Arena, and the train station near the arena, Victoria Station, was evacuated and all trains canceled. Another concert-goer, Catherine Macfarlane, told Reuters: “We were making our way out and, when we were right by the door, there was a massive explosion and everybody was screaming.””It was a huge explosion – you could feel it in your chest. It was chaotic. Everybody was running and screaming and just trying to get out.”Manchester Arena, the largest indoor arena in Europe, opened in 1995 and has a capacity for 21,000 people, according to its website. It is a popular concert and sporting venue.Video from inside the arena showed concertgoers screaming as they made their way out amid a sea of pink balloons. US pop star Ariana Grande has said she is “broken” following the deadly terror attack on her concert at Manchester Arena, adding: “From the bottom of my heart, I  am so so sorry.”The tweet came around five hours following an explosion that killed at least 22 people, including children, and injured more than 50 others. Police believe a lone suicide bomber was behind the atrocity.Earlier, a representative for Grande said in the immediate aftermath she was “Okay”, Variety reported.Miss Grande, a 23-year-old born in Florida, had already performed at concerts in Birmingham and Dublin as part of her European tour, and was due to make two appearances at London’s O2 venue on Thursday and Friday. Britain is on its second-highest alert level of “severe” meaning an attack by militants is considered highly likely. Oliver Jones, 17, said: “The bang echoed around the foyer of the arena and people started to run.”center_img A file photograph of Ariana Grande broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) May 23, 2017 Miss Grande said she is ‘broken’ by the terror attack, in which at least 22 people have died (file photo)Credit:AP Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Woman fights to change the law after being told man who putWoman fights to change the law after being told man who put

first_imgMen who have taken ‘upskirt’ photographs have been prosecuted before under different laws.If Ms Martin had been in a place which would reasonably be expected to provide privacy, such as her home or a changing room, it could amount to voyeurism under section 67 of the Sexual Offences Act.However, a festival field would not fit under the remit of this law.’Upskirting’ can also come under the criminal offence of “outraging public decency” if two or more people see the photograph – but in Ms Miller’s case, no such charge was made. The Metropolitan Police said in a statement: “The Met takes allegations of voyeurism seriously and does and will investigate them thoroughly. We use a range of policing tactics and deploy officers on specific operations to target this sort of criminal behaviour based on intelligence. We understand that it can be incredibly invasive and distressing for those that this happens to.”In this specific case we believed the allegation had originally been dealt with in line with the victim’s wishes. We have subsequently recontacted the victim and inquiries are ongoing.” ‘Upskirting’ steals sexual gratification without consent. Distresses.Victims feel helpless as to photo share Needs 2b sex offence #bbcradio4— Vera Baird DBE QC (@VeraBaird) August 5, 2017 When a man took a picture up Gina Martin’s skirt when she was enjoying herself at a festival, she was sure he could be punished.However, after being told he did nothing illegal, she has taken things into her own hands and started a campaign which has reverberated across the country – to make ‘upskirting’ a specific offence under the law.’Upskirting’ is the term for when people put cameras under unsuspecting women’s skirts and take a picture of their crotch, usually just before the woman notices what has happened.On the 8th July 2017, this happened to Ms Martin, who was at the British Summertime Festival. “At British Summer Time music festival in London, the two men whose faces I’ve obscured in the photo above were taking up-skirt photos of my -you know what I mean- without me knowing,” she wrote. “Please join me in calling on the Met Police to reopen my case and help me to get justice by prosecuting the men. ”She said that it is a common practice, and that police should take action.“This happens regularly to so many women and by putting pressure on the police to prosecute we’re also aiming to raise awareness nationwide that this is a crime,” she wrote.“We want the law to specify clearly that this is a sexual offence with a victim, by adding this offence to the Sexual Offences Act 2003.” After seeing the man standing in front of her had an image of a woman’s bare legs and crotch on his phone screen, she realised it was of her.She thought quickly and grabbed the phone, giving it to the festival staff, who called the police.The police arrived and asked the man to delete the photo. However, five days later, Ms Martin was told the case was closed as the police said the man hadn’t broken any laws.Ms Martin, a 25-year-old writer from London, started a petition to change this.The campaign to make upskirt photos illegal under the Sexual Offences Act of 2003 has been signed by more than 53,000 people.  Her petition Her petition “Something has to change here, and that’s why I’m campaigning to make upskirt photography a sexual offence. Scotland just did it. So we could too.”My case has since been reopened and I hope that the men are prosecuted. But this isn’t just about my case. My next step is to have the laws amended so that upskirt photos are listed as a sexual offence and a “victim crime”, not a public nuisance.”Since she started her petition, the Metropolitan Police re-opened her case.The Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Dame Vera Baird told the Today programme on Saturday that upskirting “needs to be an offence, there is no doubt about it”. Ms Martin also doesn’t think it is good enough that it can only fall under outraging public decency to take a photograph up a woman’s skirt.She told the BBC: “I found out that the one law I could charge under was an old common law called “outraging public decency” – a law that states something lewd or indecent happened in public and at least two people saw it. Ironically, it is usually applied to flashers. So, to put it plainly, the only law that protects a victim of upskirting in England and Wales is one that worries about what the public saw, not the victim who’s been harassed.”It’s an old law too – victims don’t push for it because they don’t know about it. If they had known about that law would the police have dealt with my case differently? I stand with @marcjoneslincs. Join us in calling for upskirting to be a sexual offences. 📣📣📣— Gina Martin (@beaniegigi) August 8, 2017 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Sports Direct facing investigation after telling staff they can only speak inSports Direct facing investigation after telling staff they can only speak in

first_imgSports Direct has admitted it was behind a notice which appeared in its Bangor store and ordered staff to speak only English at work “I can see that health and safety could provide a legitimate justification in specific instances, but as a point of general application I am very cautious. “Indeed, it seems to me that a blanket ban such as this potentially has the opposite effect – take for example a situation where a member of staff is seeking to understand instructions given to them in English, where English is not their first language, by confirming his/her understanding in his/her native language with a colleague. It is not just the speaking, but also the reception, of English that is at issue here.”Nick Wilcox, a senior associate at Brahams Dutt Badrick French LLP, said that any large scale action could prove costly for the company as claims for discrimination are not capped in the way that those for unfair dismissal are. A worker can make a discrimination claim from the moment that they are engaged in the interview process.  Sports Direct has admitted it was behind a notice which appeared in its Bangor store and ordered staff to speak only English at workCredit: Daily Post Wales They said it was “not intended to restrict the use of the Welsh language” and they would review the wording, although they did not respond to a request to clarify whether the amendments would apply across the UK. It is the latest in a long line of criticism over the Sports Direct’s working practices, including staff being paid below the minimum wage and searching its staff as they leave the warehouses. A report by the Business, Innovation and Skills committee found last year that the employees were “as commodities rather than as human beings”.  Sports Direct may face a flood of legal claims after banning staff from speaking to each other in any language except English, experts said.The company told all its UK staff that for “health and safety” reasons workers should not speak in any foreign tongue even when having private conversations. The notice read: “English is the official language of the company and should be used at all times when carrying out company business, unless otherwise specified.”It has come to our attention that some members of staff are speaking in languages other than English whilst carrying out their duties.”We would like to take this opportunity to remind staff that they must speak in English at all times when they are at work, in order that they can be understood by all members of staff; this includes any personal conversations that may be taking place during work time.It claims that speaking any other language poses a variety of “risks” to the company, including “health and safety issues”. A spokesman for the company apologised for any “misunderstanding and upset caused”. They said in a statement: “Sports Direct issued a notice to all stores in the UK on our language policy. It was  intended to ensure that all staff, who attended briefings on health and safety and other important issues, fully understood the content of these communications. English is the most common language used by our multi lingual staff, and therefore, the most likely to be understood by all. Employment law experts last night warned that it could see them facing a raft of claims for indirect discrimination. The dictat first emerged in a store in Bangor, where workers pointed out that it effectively banned them communicating in their own language in their own country.  The Welsh Language Commissioner has launched an investigation into the policy, which was described by critics as “discriminatory and offensive”.Sport’s Direct, which originally said it was not an official directive, later admitted that it was notice that had been issued to all stores in the UK. The Equality and Human Rights Commission said that there must be a “clear business reason” and the “requirement needs to be proportionate” if a company orders workers to communicate in a certain language. The company, which employs more than 18,000 people, could face a raft of employment tribunal claims in the wake of the instruction. David Hodge, Principal Lawyer at Slater and Gordon, said: “As I understand it, Sports Direct is seeking to apply a blanket policy to all staff, but it would seem reasonable to assume that this policy will adversely impact those who are not native English speakers. “This potentially gives rise to a claim of indirect race discrimination and the question then turns to whether there is objective justification for that policy.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Staff are told that they are free to speak any language they wish “outside of work time”, but are warned that failure to adhere to the policy may lead to disciplinary procedures.last_img read more