Teacher profile: Debraj Mookerjee

first_imgKnown for his passion and zeal to teach, this 46 year old associate professor in literature at Ramjas College, University of Delhi is immensely popular for bringing alive the subject. Here is a chance to know the lighter side of Professor Debraj Mookerjee as he discusses life beyond the classroom with Devika Jeet.Beacon of light: I am very passionate about my work and take an interest in it. I treat each classroom as a zone where I am suppose to perform, just like actor or cricketer, I enter my zone and try and give my best performance. I am like an open book in class and my child like curiosity helps the flow of ideas and discussions.Choice beyond doubt: In 1989, I got into this profession and decided on this line of work. When I tried to look 20 years ahead, I saw myself as a teacher and realised this was my calling. If not a teacher, I would want to be part of the media industry as I am told I am a good communicator. I would not have entered the private sector but might have considered sports.Ray of hope: The one thing I would want to change about the students is their conservative mindsets. Students need to move beyond the traditional ways of looking at things and need to open their minds. The youth needs to be more sensitive to social issues and show a greater level of interest in bringing change. A book I recommend for all students is J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, a story that unravels assumptions.Beyond duty: I love photography and have a huge passion for taking pictures. I enjoy travelling and my favourite holiday destinations are Turkey and Goa. I enjoy tinkering with things, reading, writing. I like travel writing. I like thinking, conceptualising and at the cost of sounding like an amateur sociologist I would say, life is a hobby for me.Soul passion: I love listening to all kinds of music. I enjoy devotional music from all parts of the world. Listening to music is a very private experience for me. It moves me and takes me into a trance. It makes me cry also. I don’t like discussing or sharing my music with anyone. I don’t talk about it. I have a deep love for music and the reverence of religion in my life is given to music.My inspiration: I have had various inspirations throughout life but I can’t pin-point at one person. At different stages of life different things have inspired me. In third year of college, I read The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone which really moved me. Jesus and Mahatma Gandhi have had counter intrusive theories and were able to merge morality with politics. Being an atheist I am inspired by their thoughts and ideas and look at them as people.A revolution in education: Indians are good consumers of knowledge but not good producers. Out of the box thinking is not promoted and there is not much focus on innovation, which is the trigger to produce knowledge. Here primary education is free but because of its quality people opt for private educational institutes, whereas at the university level the government institutes are considered better than the private ones. Good quality free universal education is imperative as young people want jobs with employable skills and the ultimate skill lies in good schooling.advertisementlast_img

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