Magazine Ad Revenue Pages Decline

first_imgAARP-THE MAGAZINE47,323,40057,958,264-18.3 CYCLE WORLD162.56213.60-23.9 NATIONAL JOURNAL130.50213.32-38.8 ROLLING STONE31,239,76442,597,888-26.7 CYCLE WORLD7,969,89910,093,268-21.0 POWER & MOTORYACHT628.44780.68-19.5 COASTAL LIVING140.64238.79-41.1 U S NEWS & WORLD REPORT38,034,63958,359,694-34.8 U S NEWS & WORLD REPORT229.46366.94-37.5 BOATING253.00333.47-24.1 SOAP OPERA DIGEST4,649,8705,693,495-18.3 Of the 231 magazines that reported advertising figures in both 2007 and 2008, 153 reported a decrease in advertising pages—80 by 10 percent or more. And only 54 magazines reported ad page gains of more than 10 percent. Publishers who appear to be having the toughest time: Scientific American, down 45.5 percent in ad pages (to $5.12 million) and 41.7 percent in PIB ad revenue; U.S. News and World Report, down 37.5 percent in ad pages, 34.8 percent in ad revenue; Rolling Stone, down 32.6 percent in pages and 26.7 percent in revenue (to $31.24 million, compared to $42.6 million in the first quarter of 2007); the recently-sold gay-and-lesbian title Advocate, down 30.3 percent in ad pages, 22.4 percent in ad revenue; Coastal Living, down 41.1 percent in ad pages, 35.3 percent in revenue; AARP, down 23.8 percent in ad pages; Entertainment Weekly, down 20.7 percent in ad pages; and National Geographic and SI’s “For Kids” editions, down 49.2 and 42.8 percent in ad pages, respectively.Some magazines, however, managed to buck the downward advertising trend: OK! magazine’s ad pages increased 37.9 percent (to 168.61) and a nearly 50 percent ad revenue increase ($13.66 million); Everyday with Rachael Ray, up 38.1 percent in ad pages, over 81 percent in ad revenue (to $17.98 million); Guideposts, up 36.6 percent in ad pages, 38.9 percent in ad revenue; Rolling Stone’s brotherly title, Men’s Journal, up 21.7 percent in ad pages; and Fast Company, up 29 percent in ad pages, 35.5 percent in revenue.Ad pages for Entrepreneur, which is looking for buyers, dropped 7.2 percent in the first quarter; PIB ad revenue ($25.4 million) slid 5.8 percent.TOUGH TIMES AARP-THE MAGAZINE84.98111.48-23.8 AUTOWEEK7,760,0919,732,000-20.3 DIABETES FOCUS1,915,0272,095,109-8.6 GOLF FOR WOMEN2,736,6123,720,514-26.4 GOURMET180.41229.10-21.3 The Publishers Information Bureau released its quarterly report this morning, and, unsurprisingly, consumer magazine publishers are having a tougher time selling ads in 2008 than they did in 2007.Total rate-card-reported advertising revenue fell 1.2 percent during the first three months of the year. But ad pages—considered the more telling statistic, given the discounts many magazine publishers give to frequent advertisers—fell 6.4 percent.Softness in the automotive and home furnishing ad categories “indicate that the down economy has affected ad spending in magazines,” says Ellen Oppenheim, executive vice president and Chief marketing officer at the Magazine Publishers of America. ADVOCATE1,521,7591,959,948-22.4 SALT WATER SPORTSMAN6,612,2768,073,767-18.1 FITNESS155.52198.14-21.5 KIPLINGERS PERSONAL FINANCE116.97146.17-20.0 YACHTING15,567,05820,639,070-24.6 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY44,116,62153,011,125-16.8 ADVOCATE77.96111.87-30.3 GOURMET19,182,87523,095,274-16.9 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY280.50353.65-20.7 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS1,167,3062,159,406-45.9 ROLLING STONE194.83289.22-32.6 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS11.2822.19-49.2 BLENDER109.58136.11-19.5 BOATING10,943,01913,517,554-19.0 SALT WATER SPORTSMAN200.11259.53-22.9 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN5,123,2708,783,122-41.7 SI FOR KIDS2,016,4103,175,690-36.5 COASTAL LIVING7,793,92412,047,517-35.3 NATIONAL JOURNAL1,887,4422,917,840-35.3 FIRST QUARTER PERFORMANCE2008 AD REV2007 AD REV%CHNG RIDE BMX876,2621,215,757-27.9 DIABETES FOCUS19.4524.59-20.9 SMARTMONEY124.51158.50-21.4 KIPLINGERS PERSONAL FINANCE8,518,10710,289,700-17.2 FIRST QUARTER PERFORMANCE2008 AD PAGES2007 AD PAGES% CHNG RIDE BMX93.34136.16-31.4 MOTORBOATING5,042,1396,831,502-26.2 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN70.76129.94-45.5 GOLF FOR WOMEN44.1667.88-34.9 VIBE18,099,51822,249,816-18.7 MOTORBOATING161.82232.95-30.5 FITNESS20,723,83024,897,708-16.8 SMARTMONEY10,522,27112,786,324-17.7 SOAP OPERA DIGEST217.95276.92-21.3 ABA JOURNAL44.7656.26-20.4 ABA JOURNAL1,346,6671,907,808-29.4 YACHTING472.97659.11-28.2 VIBE185.02237.38-22.1 POWER & MOTORYACHT17,792,18521,890,374-18.7 BLENDER10,741,74111,828,460-9.2 AUTOWEEK224.68283.61-20.8 SI FOR KIDS22.6239.54-42.8 SOURCE: PIB Click here for the full PIB report.last_img

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