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Jennifer Ellison-Brown: Major causes and prevention of sports-related injuriesJennifer Ellison-Brown: Major causes and prevention of sports-related injuries

first_imgSport is a dynamic activity. When we play, we push our bodies to the limit, and this can lead to injury. Sometimes, of course, even when all precautions and great care have been taken, parts of the body can be injured either through sudden impact, movement or overuse. If such injuries keep occurring, more lasting damage can occur. Injuries can also occur because of environmental factors such as equipment, playing surfaces and weather conditions. Injuries can be classed as: – Accidental injuries (due to violence or the environment) – Overuse injuries – Chronic Injuries – Accidental injuries Accidental injuries are those that happen when they are least expected and can be caused by internal and external forces. Internal force is extra strain on the body parts when performance is at our highest level. A sudden stretch or twist can strain or tear muscles, tendons or ligament. Example: Sprinters can tear a hamstring in a race, footballers get groin strain through stretching or knee ligament damage from twisting. External forces come from outside and has to do with direct contact or violence from another player. Another external force is the environment. Injuries caused by violence are due to direct contact between players or equipment. Many sports have violent contact between opponents which may result in fractures, dislocations, sprains and bruises. They may also be caused by being hit by equipment such as a bat, ball, sticks or rackets. Breaking the rules can lead to violent injury. The environment can lead to injury due to facilities. For example, uneven playing surfaces can cause a player to trip and land heavily on the playing surface, or a player may collide with the goalpost. The weather conditions may cause dehydration, heat exhaustion and then heat stroke due to extreme heat and hypothermia due to extreme cold conditions. Always be properly prepared for the activity. The right skills, strategies, frame of mind and body condition to perform well must be developed. Not knowing what to do cause mistakes and injuries. ENOUGH REST AND RECOVERY PLAYING SURFACES COOL DOWN These are caused by using a part of the body repeatedly over a long period of time. These injuries produce pain and inflammation. Common overuse injuries include ‘tennis or golf elbows’, ‘Shin splints’, ‘cricketer’s shoulder’, ‘blisters and calluses caused by gripping equipment tightly during activity. Some overuse injuries are caused by incorrect technique. All injuries must be treated at once. If they are placed under stress before they are healed, they will get worse. If this continues, a chronic injury will develop and will be difficult to heal. Chronic injury can lead to permanent damage. Lack of fitness and lack of knowledge of the rules of the sport can also cause injuries. CORRECT WARM-UP AND Impatience at times causes players to ignore the need for a good warm-up before the start of an activity and a gentle cool-down at the end. A warm-up prepares the mind and body for the activity and helps reduce the risk of injury. It should involve a gradual increase in the heart rate and breathing rate. Stretching exercises are also important. A cool-down reverses the warm-up process and brings the mind and body back to a relaxed state. It helps to begin repaying of oxygen debt by maintaining an increased blood flow to the muscles to deliver oxygen to the tissue and remove lactic acid. CORRECT EQUIPMENT AND OVERUSE INJURIES The use of correct equipment for the activity and wearing the correct clothing can avoid injury. Protection for ankle, knees, hips and back by wearing the correct footwear and clothing must be comfortable for the environment. Equipment should be approved and safe. Activities should always be properly supervised with first aid equipment and material available. Safe practice and safety rules must be adhered to. The playing surface should always be safe and in appropriate condition. CORRECT PREPARATION PREVENTING SPORT INJURIES Sometimes there is not much that can be done to prevent an injury from happening. However, it helps if training is progressive and safe, with proper rest periods, proper conditioning of the body and the right mental attitude. Those factors are important in reducing the risk. Never come back too soon after an injury before you know you are ready. Do not allow yourself to be pressured into performing before you are properly recovered. This will prevent further damage to the injured body part.last_img read more

IRO calls for recognition of the Constitution as the supreme lawIRO calls for recognition of the Constitution as the supreme law

first_imgDear Editor,The question of values must take a central place in our deliberations and be articulated and made explicit if we are to move beyond a national community divided by partisan politics to one with shared responsibilities for one another’s well-being and security.No effective and peaceful order can be founded and sustained unless it is firmly grounded in the principles of justice and the rule of law.Adhering to such principles provides the necessary stability and legitimacy that are required to gain the support of the peoples that the system aims to serve.The religious community of Guyana, being primarily concerned with the peace, stability and unity of the peoples of this country, calls on all political parties to recognise the Constitution of Guyana as the supreme law and the highest governing document in the Republic of Guyana.Sincerely,Inter-ReligiousOrganisationlast_img read more

To Protect Our President and Our Beaches, Pay the Beach Workers!To Protect Our President and Our Beaches, Pay the Beach Workers!

first_imgThe story recalled that the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs, Dr. E.B. McClain, had recently, on behalf of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, written a letter to Monrovia beach workers pledging that they would, within a week, receive their four months’ wages arrears.Our Beach Correspondent Omari Jackson says the workers are in the third week of that promise, and no pay is yet forthcoming.We see two embarrassing issues here: first, the President’s word; and second, protecting the capital’s beaches from defecation and filth, from which they have suffered for a very long time, even in what Liberians love to call “normal days.”But first the President’s word, which is synonymous with her name.  We fail to understand why the Executive Mansion would allow the President to renege on her promise to pay these workers their paltry wages.Everyone knows that the government is facing serious financial difficulties, owing to the persistent cry of “budgetary shortfalls.”We feel, however, that surely the government couldn’t be that broke to pay these little people their wages and protect the President’s good name with them.Messrs. McClain and Finance Minister Amara Konneh surely know the importance of WORD, which is one’s bond;  and considering who the “one” is, not just anyone, but the President of the Republic of Liberia, these Ministers should do everything to possible to ensure that the word is KEPT and, by the same token, HONORED.Most of us live far from the stinging beaches, and our children and grandchildren are not affected by the deadly diseases they harbor–diarrhea, dysentery, worms and the chief killer of our young ones–malaria, whose treacherous carrier, the anopheles mosquito, breeds and festers best the filth on the “normal day” beaches.It is precisely for this reason that the Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA) and its Commissioner, Binyah Kesselly, initiated the beach cleaning project, covering all Monrovia beaches–those of ELWA, South Beach, West Point, Logan Town, Point Four and New Kru Town.  The LMA recognized the absence of toilets and the city sanitation workers in all of these most densely populated townships.  That is why under Mr. Kesselly’s leadership the LMA, in a burst of pathos and patriotism, hired locals from these very townships to keep the beaches clean.That was and remains a very good thing; so surely no one deserves punishment for that; rather praise and sustained support, to bring Monrovia’s beaches on par with those of Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County which, they say, maintain the cleanest ones in the Republic.No wonder UNMIL personnel, hundreds of other internationals and beach lovers flock to Robertsport every weekend to enjoy the pristine and refreshing sea breeze that Cape Mount’s beaches offer.This newspaper has long contended that Cape Mount alone could feed Liberia for, like so many other hot tourism spots with which our beloved country is blest, the mountainous capital stands out as a unique and spotless paradise.Why do we say that, when we also have Harper, Cape Palmas and its beautiful Lake Shepherd, River Cess which former United States Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield believes is Liberia’s most beautiful spot, and all the other places along Liberia’s 350-mile coastline.  Then there is the Liberian interior, rich not only in traditional culture, but forests, wildlife and waterfalls, too.   We say Cape Mount is unique because there is no place in the world where, within a one mile radius, one can find a river, a lake (Lake Piso), a mountain and an ocean, the Atlantic.We pray that one day soon the Liberian government will engage some of the world’s best tourism developers to come in and invest in Cape Mount.But remember, we say Liberia is blest, for all the other reasons listed in the foregoing paragraph.  Even the beaches of ELWA, West Point and New Kru Town could be developed for tourism.But in order to attract the tourists, these beaches must first be cleaned–just like the beaches in Robertsport!So Minister McClain, Minister Konneh, pay the people their money, save our children in these townships and pave the way for tourism development.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Price hikes will be passed on to businesses, customers – MPPrice hikes will be passed on to businesses, customers – MP

first_imgChanges to exchange rates by GRAThe Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has issued a notice announcing the a further dip of the Guyana currency versus the United States (US) dollar; which will see increases being borne by businesses when paying customs duties.According to a notice taking effect from May 1, GY$208.05 is to be exchanged for US$1. In the case of the British currency, GY$287.19 is to be exchanged for £1. The changes have not gone unnoticed.Concerns have already been expressed by some that this change will have an adverse impact on business. According to former Minister within the Finance Ministry and Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Juan Edghill, the increase will likely be passed down to consumers.“If the GRA put out an exchange rate that is higher than before, it means that when they’re calculating the value of an item, for instance if they’re calculating the duties and the taxes at the new rate, you will end up paying more,” he explained, during an interview on Tuesday.“If you pay more, the business person will have to pass that cost on to the consumer. So, the consumer would end up paying more. And that is the exchange rate that would be used for the currency in the acquisition of fuel, all other commodities. That will be official in all matters of taxation.” According to Edghill, it was therefore important for the GRA to issue its notice, as this will be its new modus operandi. The former Minister within the Finance Ministry noted that this latest development is an indication of what is taking place on the market. “That rate is fixed and driven by what is taking place; the demand, as well as the availability. The dollar has to be backed by some commodity, in our case its gold. The movement of the rate is determined by what is taking place in the market. And once that rate goes up, prices will go up.”Foreign currencyFollowing last year’s reported crisis regarding the availability of foreign currency in the local market, the Bank of Guyana (BoG) Governor, Dr Gobind Ganga had stated last month that the bank now has over US$75 million in foreign currency.“Currently, we have almost US$75 million of excess supply of foreign currency in the market with commercial banks, and we are hoping that this excess supply will drag the rates down further than where it is. So, it is not in shortage; there is excess supply of 75 million or more US dollars in the market,” Dr Ganga had asserted. While both the Central Bank and the Government had maintained that there was no foreign currency crisis, several commercial banks and cambio dealers had insisted otherwise, jacking up the exchange rate for US dollars.In fact, business owners had also complained about the apparent foreign currency shortage, saying that they were unable to readily make overseas payments by draft or wire transfer for products and services from overseas. Even citizens had borne the backlash of the crisis by paying high exchange rates.Government, through the Central Bank, issued a circular to cambios and the local banking sector informing them of the regulated rates for foreign currency trade. According to the circular seen by Guyana Times, non-bank cambios must reduce the spread between the buying and selling rates on foreign currency transactions to no more than GY$3. During his 2018 Budget presentation back in November, Finance Minister Winston Jordan had said that the Bank of Guyana’s exchange rate for the Guyana Dollar to the US Dollar is expected to remain stable at $206.5 throughout this year, while adding that the US Dollar had appreciated by 1.6 per cent against the Guyanese dollar.last_img read more

Cal State baseball loses two in ChicoCal State baseball loses two in Chico

first_imgIn the series finale that followed, David Martin (1-1) took the loss for Cal State San Bernardino (9-6, 5-3). In six innings of work he allowed four runs – all of them earned – on eight hits, and struck out three. The Coyotes return home to host Cal State Stanislaus in a four-game series at Arrowhead Credit Union Park, starting Friday at 2 p.m. with a doubleheader set for 11 a.m. Saturday and a final game at noon on Sunday. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The Cal State San Bernardino baseball team lost both games of a twinbill in Chico on Sunday, ableit in unusual fashion, as the Wildcats defeated the Coyotes 8-3 and 4-3 in a California Collegiate Athletic Associated doubleheader. Chico State (15-1, 3-1) led 3-2 on Saturday when play was halted due to rain. Play resumed Sunday and Chico State promptly plated the winning run en route to an 8-3 victory. center_img CAL STATE WATER POLO Three players each scored three goals for Cal State Bakersfield on Sunday as it defeated Cal State San Bernardino 14-9 at the Coyote Aquatic Center. The No. 18 nationally ranked Roadrunners (11-3) extended their winning streak to nine, while the Coyotes (4-8) continue to struggle. UC RIVERSIDE BASEBALL For the second time in three days, a San Diego State pitcher came close to throwing a no-hitter, but this time the final outcome favored the Aztecs as they defeated UC Riverside 5-0 on Sunday afternoon at Tony Gwynn Stadium in San Diego. last_img read more

QPR BLOW! Midfield star ruled out of vital Man City clash with visa issueQPR BLOW! Midfield star ruled out of vital Man City clash with visa issue

first_imgQueens Park Rangers received a big blow to their slim Premier League survival hopes ahead of their must-win game at Man City, as midfielder Sandro was ruled out due to an issue with his visa.The club confirmed the Brazilian would not be available for selection at the Etihad Stadium after they were informed of a matter regarding his residency in the UK.No further details have been given but the issue will not have helped manager Chris Ramsey’s preparations for a vital Premier League game.Rangers, bottom of the table following results on Saturday, need to beat City to have any chance of avoiding relegation.A statement read: “The club can confirm it was informed by the Home Office on Thursday May 7 that there is an issue with Sandro’s UK residency visa.“The club are working with Sandro and the Home Office to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. While this is ongoing, the club have been advised not to select Sandro for match involvement.“The club will be making no further comment at this time.”Sandro, 26, joined QPR in a £6million move from Tottenham last summer.Manchester City team v QPR: Hart, Zabaleta, Mangala, Demichelis, Kolarov, Fernando, Fernandinho, Milner, Lampard, Silva, AgueroSubs: Sagna, Kompany, Dzeko, Caballero, Bony, Jesus Navas, ToureQPR starting XI: Green, Yun, Caulker, Dunne, Hill, Phillips, Barton, Henry, Fer, Austin, ZamoraSubs: Wright-Phillips, McCarthy, Kranjcar, Hoilett, Furlong, Grego-Cox, ComleyTune in from 1:30pm for live Premier League commentary of Manchester City v Queens Park Rangers EXCLUSIVELY on talkSPORT… 1 QPR star Sandro last_img read more

England win the World Cup! Under-20s triumph with victory over VenezuelaEngland win the World Cup! Under-20s triumph with victory over Venezuela

first_imgThe Everton forward contested a long, diagonal ball behind the Venezuela defence and saw his initial effort well saved before tapping home the rebound from close range.Another free-kick brought another moment of panic for England just before half-time, as Adalberto Penaranda curled an effort narrowly wide.Tottenham midfielder Josh Onomah saw a 30-yard effort strike the underside of the Venezuela crossbar early in the second half, as England pushed for a second goal.The South Americans, however, were becoming increasing more dangerous and were given a golden opportunity to get back into the match when Penaranda went down following a clash of knees with Jake Clarke-Salter.With 17 minutes to play, the referee pointed to the spot before immediately referring the decision to the video assistant referee. The penalty award stood but Woodman’s strong palm kept out Penaranda’s spot-kick, despite diving the wrong way.A frantic finale saw England hang on to lift the trophy, surpassing their previous best at the Under-20 World Cup which was a third place finish in 1993. The young stars behind England’s World Cup success England have won the World Cup after beating Venezuela 1-0 in the Under-20s final.Dominic Calvert-Lewin scored the only goal of the game while Freddie Woodman saved a second-half penalty as they triumphed in South Korea.Paul Simpson’s Young Lions were the first England side to reach a world showpiece for over half a century and they followed in the footsteps of Sir Alf Ramsey’s team, who lifted the Jules Rimet Trophy in 1966.After a slow start the game was lit up by an audacious long-range effort after 16 minutes from Ronaldo Lucena, whose swerving, dipping free-kick from all of 40 yards clipped the outside of a post.Ademola Lookman brought a decent save from Wuilker Farinez, before Calvert-Lewin wrote his name into the history books with what proved to be the winning goal in the 35th minute. 2 2last_img read more

Angels may foil three-quelAngels may foil three-quel

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! And don’t forget who the stars of this production are … Wonder if managers Mike Scioscia and Ozzie Guillen have gotten the memo from Major League Baseball and the Fox network. The one about their Angels and White Sox not giving the Yankees and Red Sox too much trouble in the American League divisional series. MLB and Fox are panting, salivating over the idea of a third consecutive New York-Boston AL C The suits certainly would consider it impudent if the Angels or White Sox interfered with tharatings bonanza. We’re just going to guess Scioscia and Guillen and their guys would love to upset a Bosox-Bombers ALCS three-quel. Even if the Angels and White Sox each rank as slight underdogs, to our way of thinking.The Angels’ 14-2 charge to the finish gives them home field against the Yankees, which certainly doesn’t hurt. But they can’t afford to lose two at home, as they did last year vs. Boston, before the best-of-five seriYankees Mystique doesn’t mean much to the Angels, who are 49-47 vs. New York during Joe Torre’s tenure – making them the only team in ball with a winning that time.You think Red Sox-White Sox, and beyond the idea of hosiery, you also consider “curses.” The Red Sox were famous for the Curse of Bambino. But the White Sox are infamous for throwing the 1919 World Series. Tanking the Fall Classic is a far bigger crime than selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees. If you want to talk about bad karma, the White Sox have tons. They haven’t won a World Series since 1918; they haven’t played in it since 1959.The Dodgers used 44 players this season, including 20 pitchers. That’s what you do whNonissue of the year: The Dodgers taking players’ names off jerseys, prompting carping by some L.A. journos. USC’s football team goes without names, and Troy suits up 100 guys. If it’s OK for USC, why not the Dodgers?Dodgers manager Jim Tracy could have a two-year extension by the middle of this week. Or he could be fired. A sort of extreme range of possibilities. May want to put off buying another home in Claremont till later in the wSan Diego’s loss to the Dodgers on Saturday assured the Padres of taking the worst record into the postseason in baseball history. They are 82-80; the 1Have to love the first week of October. Baseball playoffs, all levels of football going strong, the NHL returning, NBA camps opening – and the latter stages of the NASCAR Chase for the Cup.College football needs stronger measures against dirty hits on defenseless quarterbacks. The helmet-to-chin cheap shot Arizona State linebacker Robert James laid on USC’s Matt Leinart was inexcusably late and almostgame. All it cost ASU and James was a 15-yard penalty. It could have cost Leinart his health and USThe NFL has the right idea about late hits and cheap shots. It fines somebody $25,000 seemingly every week, and has suspended players, as well. The NCAA at least could order a suspension. Till then, look for more vicious defenders to launch themselves at the Leinarts of the game.USC-Notre Dame is a big game again, and all is right in the world. The 12th-ranked Irish are 4-1 and have amassed 500 yards of offense four times. They have the week off before welcoming the Trojans to South Bend on Oct. 15.New challenge for the Trojans this week: A bad team, in the Coliseum. Which USC team will show up against hapless Arizona? The one that struggled for 30 minutes at Oregon and ASU, or the one that had huge second halves at Eugene and Tempe?Close call Saturday for the Bruins, who apparently were lounging on their laurels after defeating Oklahoma. No way undermanned Washington should have them on the ropes into the final minute. And here comes a tougher challenge: Cal.The intrepid/deranged SoCal football fan can see both the Trojans and Bruins on Saturday. Or most of both games, anyway. USC at the Coliseum at 12:30, UCLA at the Rose Bowl at 4:30. It’s the second (and last) time this season USC and UCLA are home on the same day.Hard to imagine UCLA’s stubby Maurice Drew as an every-down back in the NFL. But he could be a standout punt/kick-returner of the Darren Sproles sort. Sproles, at 5-6, is even shorter than the 5-8 (or so) Drew.The presumably puny Pac-10 has five teams ranked in the Top 25: USC (1), Cal (10), Arizona State (17), UCLA (20), Oregon (25).Three prominent 2005 quarterbacks are named Drew – San Diego’s Brees, Dallas’ Bledsoe and UCLA’s Olson. We can’t think of any QB Drews before those.Televised college football five nights a week seems excessive (perhaps vaguely pathological) to some, but we like it fine. It gives football wonks live games featuring exotic teams. This week: Troy vs. North Texas on Tuesday, Miami (Ohio) vs. Northern Illinois on Wednesday, N.C. State vs. Georgia Tech on Thursday, Syracuse vs. Connecticut on Friday. All on ESPN or ESPN2.Add the name Roy Jones Jr. to the lengthy list of boxers who hung around too long. Jones won his first 49 fights, and has lost his last three. Time to go, Roy.Who would win a fight between George Steinbrenner and Al Davis?Kudos: To Marcus Soward’s football prognosticating abilities. On Friday, San Bernardino High School’s coach said USC would defeat Arizona State 34-31. (The final: 38-28.)Condolences: To Marcus Soward, an ASU alumnus and starting cornerback for its 11-1 1996 team.Look-alikes: Angels outfielder Steve Finley, comedian Jon Stewart.Where are they now? Luis Zendejas, 43, placekicking standout at Chino’s Don Lugo High School and Arizona State, and a pro with the Cowboys and Eagles in the 1980s, is Director of Community Relations for the Arizona Cardinals.They said it: “The whole lineup’s much stronger. . . . I think we’re in better shape now than we had been at any point toward the end of last year.” – Angels manager Mike Scioscia, on entering the playoffs.And finally: Maybe an Angels-White Sox ALCS wouldn’t be The End of the World, for Fox. Los Angeles and Chicago are the country’s Nos. 2 and 3 markets, after all. — Paul Oberjuerge’s column appears Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Readers may write him at paul.oberjuerge@sbsun.comlast_img read more

Council seat is filledCouncil seat is filled

first_imgAGUA DULCE – Incumbent Mary Johnson bested two others to retain her seat on the Agua Dulce Town Council after election officials tallied a handful of provisional ballots over the weekend, the group’s president said Monday. Johnson, who was elected to the local policy panel in a special election just two months ago, carried the last of four open seats with 275 votes, Town Council President Andy Fried said. Patrick Green finished with 267 votes, followed by Lorene Cangiano with 239. The results were announced Saturday, four days after the Nov. 8 election, as officials took time to verify nine provisional ballots from residents whose names did not appear a list of local registered voters. Of those, seven matched the county voter rolls and were counted. With the win, Johnson joins Ze Gonzales, Don MacAdam and Peg Spry serving two-year terms advising 5th District county Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich on area issues. Controversies such as the proposed expansion of the small Agua Dulce Air Park have appeared before the panel. Green is former president of the Concerned Citizens of Agua Dulce, an anti-airport expansion group. Johnson and Cangiano were plaintiffs in a lawsuit that demanded the council abide by the Brown Act, the state’s open meeting law governing public boards. Fallout from the lawsuit led four – including Gonzales – to resign from the Town Council. Johnson was elected in an August special election held to restore a quorum. Eugene Tong, (661) 257-5253 AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Consumer help: banking, loans, credit, debtConsumer help: banking, loans, credit, debt

first_imgDo you have a complaint about your bank? Are you being ripped off by a loan shark, or threatened by a debt-recovery agent? Protect yourself from unfair practices, get to know your rights, find out if your lender is registered, or check your credit rating.Consumers have legislative protections against misleading credit practices. (Image: Brand South Africa/Graeme Williams)Brand South Africa reporterNational Credit RegulatorThe National Credit Regulator (NCR) is responsible for the regulation of the South African credit industry. It is tasked with carrying out education, research, policy development, registration of industry participants, investigation of complaints, and ensuring the enforcement of the National Credit Act.The Act requires the regulator to promote the development of an accessible credit market, particularly to address the needs of the historically disadvantaged, low-income earners, and remote, isolated or low-density communities.The NCR is also tasked with registering credit providers, credit agencies’ and debt counsellors and handling disputes between consumers and agencies. You can lodge complaints against any institution offering credit, against a debt counsellor and a credit bureau provided the NCR has jurisdiction.Debt counselling: you may apply to a debt counsellor to be declared over-indebted. See the NCR’s Consumer Assistance section.Call centre: 086 062 7627Ombudsman for Banking ServicesClients with complaints against their banks can approach the Ombudsman for Banking Services (OBS) for assistance.Got an unresolved dispute with your bank? A complaint about a banking service or product?The Ombudsman for Banking Services provides an independent, free, informal and confidential dispute resolution service.You must, however, first complain to your bank – the ombudsman will need your complaint reference number, as well as copies of correspondence between you and your bank.Micro Finance Regulatory CouncilThe Micro Finance Regulatory Council is a private, non-profit body originally set up to regulate the micro-lending industry and protect the interests of consumers. Many of its functions and responsibilities now fall under the National Credit Regulator (see above).The council’s website offers information on what your rights are and ways to protect yourself from unfair practices. If you would like to lodge a complaint against a micro lender, you will need to contact the NCR.Credit problemsYou can check your credit rating or get advice on credit problems from either of two major credit agencies’. The National Credit Act entitles you to one free credit report a year. Additional reports will set you back a small fee.ExperianTransUnionThe recently opened Maponya mall. The R650 million ( approximately $100 million ) is the third, and now largest, shopping center to be opened in Soweto. Johannesburg South Africa.Credit Information OmbudIf a credit bureau (see above) is unable to resolve your credit problem, your next line of recourse is the office of the Credit Information Ombud. A voluntary, independent association reporting to an industry council, the Credit Information Ombud seeks to resolve complaints from consumers and businesses that are negatively affected by credit information.Call centre: 0861 OMBUDS (0861 662837)Association of Debt Recovery AgentsA non-profit industry regulated body, ADRA will investigate complaints against its members.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more